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Jump to final photos if you're too impatient to read the journey!


CPU Magazine

Volume 14 - Issue 12 (December 2014)



Welcome to Project Clunk!  I must begin by issuing an apology for the seemingly jumpy posts, as I didn't intend on making a project log for this at first but was told I should, so I figured, "why not?"  I should also mention that this mod was started the second day of January 2013, working on it on my free time during lunches, etc. and then it sat in a box in the shop for a few months until I continued work on it a couple weeks ago in secret, so the log may be confusing at 1st. 


I will be using spare parts I have left in the EEL shop so I can clean out some of it and give it a good home too.  Also, it will be decked out with a lot of MNPCtech gear so keep your eyes peeled for those!  This project won't be too extravagant or expensive either, hence the budget kind of feel to things.  Which also makes things interesting to me because I like to flex the creative muscle for no money (other than time invested).


This is a project for a friend based on a Bitfenix Outlaw chassis.... or what's left of one anyways... 


The story begins... 


Toward the end of last year, (somewhere around November I believe?) I was handed what was left of this case by Hank @ PPCs as it came in on a shipment of RMA cases from misc. retailers in the US on behalf of Bitfenix, and my initial reaction was to turn my nose up at it due to the low-tier case and horrid condition it was in with the stock front fascia busted completely off and pieces hanging left and right from it, dented panels, etc.  But the more I looked at the case, the more I felt compelled to just destroy it.  And that's not meant in a negative manner either, although I didn't really like the case to begin with due to the thin materials and low cost, but what really caught my eye was the inverted-ATX layout versus size. It's no big secret that I'm a fan of the inverted-ATX layout.  I love it for watercooling!


I had promised my friend Duke (whose favorite color is GREEN) that I would build him something sometime for him to transplant his *namebrand MATX AMD system* (cough cough) into a "better enclosure", and figured this was a perfect opportunity to do so.  My initial idea was to build something kind of post-apocalyptic (due to working on BIO-A10 at the time) or something and it quickly moved to putting it loosely in the Mad Max arena, hence the name.  It's just a name borrowed from a character from Mad Max, but nothing to do with the character.  It just clicked in place and fit the idea perfectly.  It's my take on the idea of it being a part of the gangs that the MFP tends to run down in those flicks -- or at least try to.  So it's an anti-MFP build!  ;)


I should also place the disclaimer that this wasn't an idea stolen from Bill at all; I found it hilarious that he mentioned doing a Mad Max build sometime in the future on a past podcast and I decided to stay silent about it at the time so it would be a surprise when I finally unveiled this.  I suppose insane minds think alike!  So, just think of Clunk as merely an appetizer for whatever Bill has up his sleeve.  I'm guessing something MFP related too.  :)  Can't wait for it!


Let's get on with it, shall we?


This is the POS chassis.  Lovely, isn't it?




I actually liked the way the case looked without the stock panel on it anyways, because those cheap plasticy front panels are a dime-a-dozen to me.




I'll be fabricating a new front for the case.




It's rather small, considering it an ATX chassis.




I'm a packrat by nature, if some of you didn't already know, so I tend to keep a lot of weird things I remove off past cases.  I also happen to keep a lot of solid materials that I can use, and I happened to have a front panel off a destroyed Lian Li V-2100B.  And look, it also happens to be just the right size for a new front panel!




The ridged nature to the panel also adds a certain coolness for it to me too, considering it's just a piece of aluminum (aluminium for Kyle)!




And the 1st in a substantial jump forward...


Here's what I've been up to with the opposite-mobo side panel...








I'll be back when I have more to show after I've ripped the guts out of it and given it the B-Jesus!  Thanks for wasting some of your time reading this hog-wash!





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Love the close

"Thanks for wasting your time reading this"  




Well, I look forward to what's in store for the rest of this.

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Update time! 


I apologize for not spending more time on this log; or any log; or the site as a whole, lol.  I just have so many other things going on that seem to eat up most of my time.  It sucks, but seems to be the way things are now. 


My wife just recently signed a contract to illustrate a children's book, so she's been needing to spend most of her time designing how the characters and environments are going to look, so that means when I'm actually home from work, I'm with our son all the time making sure he doesn't pull a Marty McFly and sets fire to the living-room rug accidentally (or otherwise). 


I did build my wife a new little budget FM2 ITX rig which is just awesome in comparison to that old-ass C2Q P5Q 775 rig she had before...  Project CheckMate, actually.  It is no more.  :(  And it was dying a slow death anyways so it's okay.  More room for new stuff!  It never ends, right?


On to the log!


I needed to begin work on weathering the slew of sexy-ass MNPCTech gear I have saved up for this little project, starting with the prototype of the Brain-Drain triple-120mm radgrill from MNPCTech!




Now let's beat her up a little, ya know?*  *I don't condone violence against billet, but sometimes it's warranted for the sake of artistic expression.




Preliminary passes on the color--but it'll get more layered soon.


I've also been hard at work on the main frame of the chassis as well.  Here's a few closeups of little splashes of things, violence and all...








I also began work on the new custom thick aluminum (aluminium for Kyle) bezel/fascia for the chassis, since, you know the original one kinda sucked and was, you know, broken off anyways.  LOL.




Almost forgot -- more MNPCTech gear getting worked over!  Overkill ring to be part of the intake fan...




...And rear 120mm billet fan grill frame, along with some new mesh and the fan installed.  I can't reveal too much, but if you look closely, I had to notch the side panel all along the case there to allow install and removal of the panel with the billet grill installed.  LOL.  A bit of some sanding and finishing, but good thing I'm somewhat adept at a rotary tool or I would've been at it all day--I hate filing and sanding.  It was soooo worth it though.  That rear fan spot was just stupid looking.  :/  The chrome fan screws really jump out, but don't worry... I'm nowhere near done....




And to close up this entry, here's an upper-rear shot of the chassis for our Australians out there....  ;)




I'll be back with more when I've had time to clean my bloody shop, because it looks like a Dollar General blew up in there!


See ya's soon!



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-Sooooo, Your garage is filled with dead overweight old women in purple stretch pants?




^^^ Jasus CS, where do you draw the inspiration for some of these comments???  :lol:


The slippery one back at it  B)


So so subbed on this one  :D

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@ZeroUK - Well, I recently picked up a sandwich at a shop unfortunately parked between a discount clothing store and a grocery store-sized liquor store. There was also a high quantity of ratty hair, leathery skin, and missing teeth to be seen.


I currently have a rule against getting in line behind anyone at the grocery store checkout wearing sweat pants. They always want to close out a cash card without paying any extra money.

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I currently have a rule against getting in line behind anyone at the grocery store checkout wearing sweat pants. They always want to close out a cash card without paying any extra money.


...or buy Pull Tabs

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Haha, thanks man.  Just been enveloped in other things and life situations like funerals, etc. so I just haven't had much of a chance to get an update in.  I'm hoping soon though because I want to get it wrapped up and gone to make room for other projects brewing!

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Update time!


We were pushed out the door early at work today, so happy to oblige!  :)  Things have been hectic around the Birch family and the extended family (families) due to a death in the family.  Not looking for sympathy mind you; merely stating a fact. 


I apologize for not spending more time on this log, but I'm hoping to truck this sucka along quickly so I can move on to some new and exciting projects around the corner!


On to the update.


The replacement custom front plate/fascia for the case is as follows.  It's cut out of a front panel from a PC-V2100B, hahah.  I loved that chassis and happen to have a tossed front door from one so this fit the case perfectly.  It's a tank too, which is kind of funny considering the rest of the case is built like a cheap tuna-can.  I keep thinking the case is going to tip forward and topple off the table due to the frontal-weight!  :lol:


I already began drilling holes for my last Sunbeam Rheobus for fan control.  I can't tell you how many of those things I've used in projects over the years.  It's just a decent, cheap controller.  20w/channel works great for the typical modest rad-fan channel too.


You'll also notice I've handcut a slotload DVD drive slot and eject button.  The owner prefers using discs still, so happy to add one for him!


Additional holes are for other things that I'll get to later on in the project.




Moving to the (now) window panel, I've begun adding decorations to the case.  :P   Apparently CLUNK doesn't care much for the MFP!  'Maintain Right', bah.  Must've taken it off the side of a patrol car that they took out to re-purpose it on this rig.  Can't let good metal go to waste in the wasteland!




Lower-front side panel's decorations.  Pull da triggah!




Apparently, CLUNK likes to keep a tally of MFP patrol cars taken out too, kind of like a fighter-plane from WWII.  :lol:  @ the flipped-over one.  Wonder what happened there?




More chassis decorations...  Rad exhaust is apparently hot.




Top edge of the side panel handle...  What you would call an obvious direction, right?  Every time I look at it I think, "Noooooo, really?!"




Window panel's handle for removal.  To save the guessing, it's a solid-aluminum (aluminium for Kyle) stock case foot from a Corsair 800D.  :D




I went ahead and sprayed and weathered some extra PCI slot covers top fit the theme a bit.




MNPCTech's awesome dual-vandal switch plate, but it's been beat to hell and back and modified to fit a pair of LED toggle switches instead to control some lighting, etc. on the case.




And another view...




The front plate with MNPCTech's Overkill ring where it will sit...




And some more re-purposing.  I've been steadily tossing and rebuilding shelves in the house with real wood (stained) shelves because they're all these cruddy wire shelves that I totally abhor, so I'm using them for something useful.  :lol:  


I'll get that finished up and sprayed/weathered to match everything else.




I'll be back with more when I've had time to work on things more.  It's frustrating that I can't.  A modder who can't mod is a modder denied his life-blood.





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Great update. Just be careful from here on out,I would hate to see you scratch the paint.


Great job on the weathering effects looks like your starting a rebuild after in was dropped off the grand canyon and left to rust.

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