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AND the wordfilter monkey strikes again! :lol: I must admit, I'm liking the new filter.


EEL doesn't show the whole rig 'cause we might pester him about a plain spot... that he has plans for already.

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Hahaha, thanks guys.  LOL @ the filter!


@ Cheaps, probably because I'm already done with the project and I'm trying to shoot around that?  .Hahaha...Just feeding into the conspiracy.  ;)


I'm itchin' to get this thing done.  I soooo want to.  But I'm at the mercy of the rest of the responsibilities.  Perhaps soon.  Perhaps it'll sit in the shop for a year collecting dust like LilyPC is....  LOL

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On going poetry in motion in The Way of the Slippery One ;)


Your posts never fail to put a grin on my face fella, even in the here and now.  

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very awesome build! This may have been mentioned already (i didnt see it though), have you thought about doing "battle damage" to the mesh over the fans? Just a couple dents in the mesh or snip a couple links to make tears.


Just a thought, love what you are doing though :)

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Quick little mini-update!


I haven't had much time, as usual, so I haven't been out in the shop much.  But I did spend an hour or so this evening getting some stuff I've been meaning to get out of the way so I can move forward to more involved portions of this project.  Let's get to it.


I was finally able to get the handles, top rad-grill, rad fans and rad proper, installed in the inside top of this turd of a case.




Since I had issues previously with the dreaded 'closed-corner disease', I remedied that with the old-fashioned rotary tool attack of death.  :lol:   So merely used short screws behind the ears of the now-open corners on the fans to get them installed directly to the rad. 


Here's a shot of the rad sitting where she'll stay.  I went ahead and installed a pair of rotary fittings on the rad prior to rad install.  Very good idea, especially for those modders with larger hands...  It sucks trying to get them installed after-the-fact!


Don't worry -- those fittings won't look shiny and clean for long.  :)


Tubing is, obviously, some Swifty Neoprene stuff that I had a few packages of I wanted to use up.  Seems to fit the theme a bit too so it'll work fine.  I just hope the comp fittings grab it hard enough -- thin-walled tubing sucks.




To get the rad installed to the case, I just used classic ole' typical coarse-thread fan screws which work perfect and take very little time.




I went ahead and dropped in a pump and res to set up a simple test-loop to make sure the rad is okay.  To be honest I have no idea, lol.  Just figured I'd be responsible and test it while I can do so easily with no threat of killing a system.


Random trivia: res is one of the originals that was previously in the last Noire build.  I don't know why I kept it, but it will come in handy here since it looks old already.  Most-likely it'll stay!  A gently-used DDC 10w pump was installed on the res just prior to setting up the loop too, so good odds the pump will last quite a while to come.


Filled loop with distilled water and plugged her in.  Seems to be fine.  I'll run the loop overnight and check to see if there are any slow leaks, etc.




Shot of the lines coming and going from the rad...




I'll be back more when I can! 





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I was going thru serious withdrawal symptoms...  LOVE all of the variety of colors and weathered detailing...


btw, my friend, Foamy brought in a bitfenix "Survivor" midtower ....one of the CRAPPIEST case designs I've seen recently... He had to mod the chassis, so the side panels would slide on all the way seat correctly behind the plastic trim on the sides... 

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after looking at this build, sneak in now and then, I finally found one spot that could use a little grungey work. The coils around the WC tubes. Barbed wire look or some skulls and bones. something... can't put my finger in it, I mean on it.

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Alright, update time!  And yes, I have a real update.  :P


I'm closing in on completion soon enough on this project.  I've just had a few little things that I needed to work out 1st.  Let's get to it.


I needed to re-wire the pump so I can run it off one of the channels on the fan controller, as well as provide an RPM signal for the mobo's CPU header (in case it's one of those dumb mobos that won't run at all unless a "fan" is running and there's no way to turn that off in the BIOS).




I continued work on the "engine" side of the case; had a few passes on things as well as working on illumination.  Here's an early test...




Finally drilled, tapped and installed the new front panel...




After some passes with airbrush as well as hand-touchup in some areas, I felt like I was done with the "engine" panel.  I didn't want to clear over the whole thing at once as I wanted the "engine" to have more glossy areas as well as "sooty" areas too like a real engine tends to look, so I needed to mask off the panel itself so I can clear the engine, and vice verse.




After a pass of clear...




I went ahead and finished up on the fan controller's knobs.  Initally I was going to make some new knobs out of acorn nuts or something, but just don't have the time to go searching for the correct thread size at hardware store.  Call me lazy, lol.  I felt the regular knobs would give a larger surface to allow me to hit with green to offset the black behind it for a more balanced artistic feel.




I weathered the stock knobs 1st, then lightly sanded, Bulldogged them, then hit with the grabber green enamel paint.  After 24-hr cure, I re-weathered on top of that, and finally matte clear-coated them.




I also had one or two (or 100+) spare Bitfenix logo badges from the one or two (or 100+) Prodigy mods I've done over the past year or so, so figured I'd fill in a spot I left on the front panel next to the toggle-switch plate.  Tape-of-the-Gods on backside, and done.




After a couple more passes on the "engine" panel, I felt it was completely done,  The LEDs I wired inside ended up being waaaaaay too bright, so I did the good-ole "5v trick" by swapping the pins on the molex to drop the power in half.  Worked perfect!  Also finally wired the "Poopadilly"-O-Meter as well so it'll illuminate.  I'm happy with it.  The lighting will be controlled by one of the toggle switches up front.  The other, I may control a cathode or something -- haven't decided if I want to do that or not.  I hate cathodes, but I have a ton of them laying around in the shop.




And now, a lights-out test!




I'll be back with some more shtuff when I have it to shove up on the forums!






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