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Yeah.  I guess it's a mixed-bag response though.  The biggest 'complaint' I've seen is the lack of dialogue.  LOL, if the story is told through insane stunt-work, I'm perfectly fine with that.  I'm pretty sure if I were in a horrible situation such as this one seems to be, I doubt I'd have a whole lot to say about it aside from choice 4-letter words a lot.  :lol:


I'm really really stoked for this flick....   ....and finally completing this project log.  But hopefully patience will pay off soon.

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for a moment there, I thought General's signature was photos he uploaded as reply to this thread.


General,  your signature is confusing, please edit down to ONE image, 900 wide x 400 tall pixels max, Thank you

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Yes, sir.  Sitting in holding-pattern!  All I can say is the continued patience will pay off really really really soon.  I promise. 


I haven't been sitting idle all these months....  I can't say what will happen, nor can I say it will be received well, but I will say...what I'm doing marks a modding community and industry FIRST!  Happening right here, exclusively, on The Mod Zoo!

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