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Final Photos

Click on the thumbs for larger photos


I couldn't bring myself to prune down the amount of shots anymore than I did, so I'm done with 50 PHOTOS.  Not bad, considering I shot over 200+.  ;) 

Excess at its excessive. 


FYI:  This is not the end of this project though.  Stay tuned for Phase III of Project CLUNK!


CLUNK_final_01_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_02_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_03_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_04_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_05_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_06_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_07_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_08_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_09_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_10_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_11_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_12_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_13_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_14_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_15_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_16_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_17_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_18_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_19_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_20_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_21_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_22_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_23_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_24_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_25_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_26_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_27_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_28_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_29_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_30_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_31_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_32_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_33_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_34_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_35_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_36_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_37_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_38_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_39_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_40_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_41_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_42_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_43_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_44_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_45_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_46_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_47_thumb.jpg

CLUNK_final_48_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_49_thumb.jpg CLUNK_final_50_thumb.jpg

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So that's what it looks like. ;) :lol: That shelf, though. I can't stop laughing at that.



Its amazing how you can make a PC not look like a PC.

Thanks man!


Your such a great tease with your pictures, somehow I thought it was smaller.  A masterful work as usual!


Congrats on the CPU Cover!

Thanks bro!  It's fairly small for an ATX case, but I see what you mean.


*Reserve a wall poster for my shop!



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WOW! What a work of art!

That would make a killer looking poster. 


Thanks man!  Bah, no one would want something like that.


Just Wicked! Great photos. don't know what else to say man...mind blown! BOOM


Thanks man!

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"Clunk" had some serious lovin over weekend on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=741056212641752&id=148733308540715

8,256People Reached

360Likes, Comments & Shares




On Post


On Shares




On Post


On Shares




On Post


On Shares

1,768Post Clicks


Photo Views


Link Clicks


Other Clicks

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Sorry to be fashionably late to the party (I do believe I now have my email notifications back  :D ).


I've looked through the photo's and still keep going back to some to view details I've missed...


Mere words are insufficient to describe pure PC art in it's finest form Jeremy, awesome seems like to small a word to describe the visual candy fest!!!

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EVERY computer needs a Poopadilly gauge. It could read the HD capacity. Truly an innovation we have overlooked.

I agree. Too many clicks to find out how much room you have for feces.

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