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got a lot done today! then I was interrupted by a fire call.


Anyway, got the H60 mounted and  radiator mount done. I also tested the LED strips and they work perfect. Now i have to route the wires somewhere and do all at fancy wiring. Tested the system in the case, and it works just fine. Got a parts list i have to get this week, and I am not going to make my powdercoat deadline... bah, but it is coming along just fine.


The pics look blue, but these are white leds. I think the white balance on this cam is just off...






kinda mocking up everything on the inside to make sure all my plans will work.




Here is where it gets tricky... I wanted to have the back panel removable just by itself. so i made this, which allows the fan and rad to be secured to the chassis instead of the back panel.





it does not touch, but it is close.it is secure enough that it won’t move.




Boot test.




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Very nice, love the effect that the LEDs have. They must be "cool white" as opposed to warm. I know my camera has issues with them too lol

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Here is a small update of the last time that it will be bare aluminum. Powdercoating should be done this week and hopefully assembly will be done this weekend. Sleeving should also arrive today.


Here is what the rear panel ended up looking like.




The power supply hole came out very well.




All boxed up and ready to be dropped off at the powder coater. Chamfered holes and sanded faces.




fabricated a little shield plate for the ugly green wifi card.




To make is easier to assemble. I have epoxied all the nuts to the angle aluminum, so I don't have to worry about them spinning.



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I dig the Creativity and Artful design you have going here ikem.  Following and anxious to see the end result, ENJOY THE MOD!

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Lutro0 Customs has came through with some gear!




I have to much sleeve.... left to right, Lutro0 Stiffline, MDPC, FTWpc




not bad for just a pair of side cutters.




This is the first time I have ever crimped anything and wow... it is so slick!




Cut to length and crimped. Time to sleeve!




Finished psu. Stiffline is a little different than MDPC. Has a very low open ratio, so putting the sleeve on is a little harder, but once it is on, the braid is stiff enough that it doesn't need stretching.




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Got it all assembled and running. My HDD that I was going to put in it died.. and I had ti find a new one... but it is up!



Waiting for my camera to get back from service to get some better pictures.

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