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Here's one for you boys and girls...

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You can thank the jackasses at Asetek for the H220 disappearing ( http://www.swiftech.com/pr-7-19-13-h220-removedfromus.aspx )... Swiftech might have a shot at winning if it weren't for this sort of litigation being cripplingly expensive to resolve.

I heard about this a while a go.


The patents are pretty solid tho and Asetek did state they would consider a license if they supplied the pump heads....Perhaps Gabe should of had a look at the patent list...either way,it doesnt seem very fair,there is precedent set before Aseteks claim,unless Swiftech copied something directly?


TBH the only thing that even remotely interests me in Swiftechs line up is the 35X,the rest of his gear is.....not for me.




CoolIT do -




They are re badged ECO II units



And I was referring to the Corsair RMA procedure based on experience B.

I have only had to use them for ram RMA's,i found them to be very good.

interesting info about the OEM,didnt know they had swapped out like that....

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Actually, Coolit AND Asetek make Corsair's AIO's.  It's just a matter of which ones.  Asetek also Manufacturers the NZXT Kraken, which NZXT had a heavy hand in developing.  Even though Asetek actually makes the units, all of the design, lighting and software are done by NZXT or its affiliates.


I'm just not a fan of them.  Their performance is really no better than high end air coolers for the same or more expenditure.  The Swiftech model was quite a bit more advanced (and expandable), but, the nature of the patent world has screwed that up.


Now, back to on topic (I apologize for being the horse's feces generator for derailing it with my marketing slogan), I do GPU's prior to CPUs.  I've never done a dual loop system, really no need for me to.  And at the the end of the day, I'm going with an Asus Impact board for my next build with probably a GTX 780.... so.... single loop again, GPU prior to CPU. We'll see how many dual Rads I can fit in this tiny Lian Li case....

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From everything Ive read when I was setting up my loop is that the water should travel fast enough to only make the temp difference between the 2 components no more than 1° C. On my current build Ill be using 3 rads, 1x 240mm and 2x 120s in series like a 240. Im going Res > Pump > 2x 120's > GPU > 240 rad > CPU > Memory > Res. I might add in a main board block somewhere if one is available for a rampage 4 gene.

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