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Al Shuryan

MODs4VETS F/A 18 HORNET Blue Angels / U.S. Navy Tribute (Sponsored)

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F/A 18 HORNET Blue Angels / U.S. Navy Tribute to our military
*UNAUTHORIZED (I'll explain later)...

Inspiration for this project in addition to paying tribute to our finest was having some POWERFUL fun with a MOD/Build project.
Purple Heart ~ MERIT and Screaming Eagle ~ Medals of Valor were solemn and serious, I need to have some fun so here it is.




The BUILD LIST is as follows:
Thermaltake Technology Inc Armor Plus Case
Thermaltake BigWater 760 Pro
Cooler Master Silent Pro 1300W Hybrid PSU
ECS Z77H2-A2X Deluxe Golden Board
Sapphire Technology HD 7970 Dual X GPU
Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB DDR3 SDRAM 1866
Corsair Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit
 Intel Labs / Intel CORE I7 3770K Intel Quad Core 3.9 Ghz 8Mb cache
Junpus DX1 Nano Diamond Paste
ADATA SX900 128Gb SSD X 2
Corsair FORCE GT 240Gb SSD
EKWB EK-KIT L240 Cooling Kit
1 x Masterkleer Tubing PVC 13/10mm (3/8"ID) UV-reactive Black 3,3m (10ft)
2 x EK G1/4 plug with O-ring
2 x EK-CSQ Adapter 45° G1/4 Nickel
2 x EK-CSQ Adapter 90° G1/4 Nickel
1 x EK-VGA Supremacy - Nickel (EK-VGA-SUPREMACY-NP) Fitting Size 1/2" Barb for 1/2" ID tube
AeroCool Touch-2000 Controller
AlphaCool NexXxos Monsta Full Copper 240 radiator
3 X T.B. Silence 140mm fans
1 X T.B. Appollish 180mm Side fan
3 X Cluster 120mm fans
4 X T.B. Vegas 140mm Fans
1 X U.R. Vegas Mag Mount 120mm Fan
Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard
Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse
Razer Megalodon 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System
Lutro Customs Customized U.S. Power Cord
Dirt Showdown:
Shogun 2:
Bunch of Heroes:
Crusader Kings II:
Dino D-Day:
Dungeon Defenders:
Europa Universalis III Chronicles:
Magicka Collection:
Mount & Blade with Fire and Sword:
The Showdown Effect:
Bioshock Infinite:
White Light Laser Custom Window


Starting out with the Thermaltake Armor Plus case as the PERFECT Full Tower cabinet for this project.
Very few had the foundation for this project and modable to the concept.







~ The Case MOD ~

Sanding the plastic before primer


Every piece is rubbed with a Wet Sand of 400 then 800 before prime


I'm working on a AirBrush and Paint Shop for help but until that is accomplished it's rattle cans


Even in the summer time I like tree decorations of the MOD Type:

I discovered the hard way you MUST let your paint rest for 2 days before final clear work:


 Next up for MOD is the RAZER Keyboard and Mouse:














After I finished here I signed up for school at TECHSPOT.
CAD Autodesk Inventor, Sand Blasting, Powder Coating, Laser and Water Jet plus a MAJOR Giant CNC bed Machine.
Future builds will be so much better. However, this rattle can job isn't too bad.


~ CASE ~

After primer I did 3 coats of color, wet sanded 1000 then 2000 grit between coats and cleared 2 coats with very fine wool between


~ Keyboard and Mouse ~

After primer I did 3 coats of color, wet sanded 1000 then 2000 grit between coats and cleared 3 coats with very fine wool between added an extra clear coat to items that will be handled

Some "MOD" fun.

Not sure I like this much so I'm making these elements easily removable.
This is not finished as I play around with ideas


I made them from Foam Board, Vellum paper (like a plastic paper).
I plan to use body filler for finer detail elements in the wings.
Added some Missles to the tips of the wings as in the pictures.


Added a RC Jet Canopy to the slide back tray cover.


Lutro0 Customs donated a Customized U.S. Power Cord


Very simple Pin Stripe Details added




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Thanks Guys, The Bubble Canopy  and Tail fins are going to be finished but they will be a easy to remove option for choice. Kinda felt over the top but It has decent respectful look, I hope...

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Going WAY OUT on a limb here.
This is what I WANT TO DO.
I have some of the items and plans set for this but allot to still gather up.
I've found in the PCs4VETS MOD/Builds it's always the little things and miscellaneous items i can't get sponsored and with Screaming Eagle  still not sold I'm out of budget>
This is my concept and hope and please don't hold me to this, I'm sharing for suggestions too.


The windowed Side panel will not show the Water Cooled loveliness of the Engine Bay.
I want to display a Heads Up Display view from the cockpit. The HUD will be engraved/laser etched and green edge lit with a High Definition vinyl image of the flight sky with targets and others in flight.
There might be a RED Targeted jet in sights.
The border around the window I would like to make it real, active and functioning controls as shown in the layout:

 I'm dropping the res but other than that the rest is doable and possible, I'm very busy trying to scrounge the items, wish me luck.
Other options include multi layering of the acrylics and adding the frame to the HUD and cockpit window.

Another creative element is a JET TURBINE ENGINE, well a simulation fitted to give a VGA tunnel cooling benefit. I wont show what I'm doing yet since I'm not happy yet BUT part of it currently includes a MNPCTECH Turbine Grill. 0fangrill_casemod_mnpctechcom_Turbo1_zps

Here's the story on this, I ordered it and Bill Owen being who he is sent it NO CHARGE, Free.
That kind of thing helps make the other concept wishes a possibility. Thank You Bill for supporting our disabled Vets.



Playing around I do get the effect I want, the opposing turbine twister effect looks very nice:






Now Don't get me wrong. I'm not hiding the inner beauty, especially this being my first water cooling adventure. I'm happy with how the inner MOD is shaping up:


I have the Ultimate in MEMORY, thank You Corsair for the Dominator Platinums PLUS the light bar kit!


So I did this with them:

As with any High Tech JET Carbon Fiber is a built in element so how can I leave it out?

The AlphaCool NEXXUS Monsta 240 Full Copper Rad, thank you Meta Beta for this and the XIGMATEK Fans.



Performance PC's (Hank Baron) Was kind enough to supply some EKWB fittings Tubing and this GPU Block that I Carbon Fibered.








I'm very proud and lucky to call EKWB a sponsor of PCs4VETS MODs4VETS.


This being my first WC project I will not even pretend to know what I needed and how much so I went
the full EKWB Kit package to help me start: This is the EK-Kit-L240

More Carbon Fiber...



Here's where I really get to enjoy things. When friends join the team I get to be active and inclusive with the sharing the FUN. This build we will be showing how the MODDER Community is stepping up in saying "THANKS" and helping our mission and cause.
Charley Bowy sent this package to me, full of goodies.
I love the XSPC GPU block I had to use it. Not just that but I have a real treasure now too,
FANBLADES Milled Case Feet. Not sure yet the exact use for them yet.


SO, LOL I carbon Fibered the Block:


Cooler Master, another, every build, sponsor sent this pretty little wonder along:


Cooler Master's Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W
Nice thing about this baby is the controller and it's intelligence. I
t knows if it needs to activate the fan and to what speed for as quiet operation as possible. 


What do think I did with that? Yea you guessed it, carbon fiber and Warning Stripes:





More to come and you guessed it again. I'm not done with the carbon fiber. Soon you'll be saying HE PUTS THAT SH#T ON EVERYTHING... not quite, I hope.... Thank You for viewing...











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EKWB Water block with 3m Carbon Fiber Di noc with EKWB fittings on the Sapphire HD 7970 GPU



Some LED block lights for effect.




A few MOBO Mods with 3M Carbon Fiber Di Noc on the Chokes and XSPC Block


Assembled the ECS Golden, Corsair Dominator Ram, EKWB fittings, XSPC CPU Water Block, Sapphire HD7970 GPU with EKWB fittings and water block, masterkleer tubing, Enermax Cluster fans, AlphaCool NeXXos Monstra Full Coper 240 rad, 3M Dino carbon Fiber details and painted Choke Heatsinks for the Caution/warning look.





Mr Chuck Reller of http://www.chuckreller.com/

Gave permission to use this HD photograph of the Blue Angels for the back side panel:


and it will look something like this:

I'll match up the colors bettter.

At this stage of the project Chuck wrote the DOD office of the Navy asking for autographs so we could also include a 16 x 20 framed picture with the auction. I receive a Stop and Desist order from the DOD.

They said All colors, images, logos, names... were property of the Department Of Defense and I was not licensed. My heart sunk and thought Uh Oh...
After some work I made my way to the DOD laywers and had a wonderful discussion with the officer.
Turns out we are both Polar Bears 4Th Battalion 31st Infantry. After some work I am now awaiting my formal License from the DOD for ALL U.S. military copyrighted materials. Since we make no "profits" on any sales and proceeds are donate to PCs4VETS I owe no royalties. If I did reproduce any builds for say a customer and made any profit we would owe 30% royalties on the profit.
So we came out with a DOD License, HOOAH!
More to come....

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Side Note;
As moderators, admins, contributors we have a obligation to our members to promote, showcase and provide positive commentary and encouragement. We especially need to be factual and correct in our comments. It's offensive if we were to insult a member especially if the insult is incorrect and not researched they should apologize.

The F/A 18 HORNET was the first fighter jet to use Carbon Fiber. It's state of the art material in making jets light weight and sturdy.
so the person making the comment carbon fiber is never used in jet fighters is simply wrong and uneducated about Jet Fighters.


We are not in competition and should be a brotherhood and if we don't have something good to say even when it's our duty and obligation to we should stay silent, especially if speaking of something we know nothing about.

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Great deal on the DOD permission! Congrats for your perseverance.

Build really coming together and I'm looking forward to the final results.


I'm sure you will...but don't forget to post the e-bay link when it goes on the block.

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Great deal on the DOD permission! Congrats for your perseverance.

Build really coming together and I'm looking forward to the final results.


I'm sure you will...but don't forget to post the e-bay link when it goes on the block.

Thanks Blade,

Been trying to sell screaming eagle for 45 days now outside ebay and bout ready to give up and take the hit on the ebay and paypal fees. Wish there was other ways to sell and promote without losing so much.

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sorry to hear your having trouble moving the case!  need to find the military angle to get to those men that would really appreciate a  tribute case like that or who wants to help the vet's?  maybe link up with other vet assistance organizations.   That is an incredible build , just need to find someone with the jack to buy it.  This is a great thing your doing!!!!!!  one of our guys is in the air guard, I'll see if he has any connections.

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Another great looking build you got going Al! I had a few friends make the Angels program back in the day. Shame the sequester has the program in such a bad bind now, as well as other good programs. Keep up the great work. Hope you find a buyer for the Eagle.


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