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This is a mod that is currently about 85% done. I am waiting on some vendors to ship me some last minute changes, but I would still like to share this with the Zoo.

Basically this is my mod that I'm exiting the market with. Build something that I will not have to upgrade much in the future, and something that will be a pleasure of building, as it is my last.

I love the simplistic style of Lian Li's so much. I have used LL all the way back to Citrus.

This build is only possible due to someone commissioning me to build another of my Fire PC for them.

Modding for me has gone through a lot of waves. From the ups and downs of modding intensity to the schemes themselves.

So far this mod includes the following.

Lian Li v1200 Plus

Asus Z9PE-D8

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650 8C/16T 2.0/2,9ghz

Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer DDR3 1600 OB

Crucial M4 64GB SSD

Kingston HyperX 3X 120GB SSD

8tb of Hard Drive Storage

Cooler Master Silent Hybrid Pro 850w

MSI Radeon HD 7870 Hawk Edition

Cooler Master TPC-812

Gentle Typhoon AP-15 x2

Gentle Typhoon AP-29

Cooler Master Blademaster x3

Scythe Server Kaze Controller

MDPC-X Sleeving

MNPCTech 120mm Fan Bezel

Bitspower 360 Radguard

And the pics.

Serene Teardown

Mainly the existing cooling and some cables.


the old fx 8150 and UD5. this already has a new home.


messy modular cables. need to clean those up


mmm some lian li brushed awesomeness


CM excalibur fans. these actually push a nice amount of air.


this is my TC 6870. cannot up the voltage so it stays right at 1000mhz core. around 8000ppd


the empty chassis. the mobo will fit exactly right on that tray. i will be adding a new midplate and other metal touches.


old modding at its finest. Holes cut for something i never finished....


Mobo should be here tomorrow is UPS doesnt screw up, and then i can get the case all ready.

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MNPCTech bezel, have a 3x120mm for the top ordered.


Nice and Snug


CM 850 hybrid pro in.


buttoning up a few things


ready for a heart transplant. well... a couple hearts


all wires tucked in


simple front bezel.


what wires on the mobo?


single file sata.


only could have the 24 pin sleeved. it is very cramped in this area.


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tpc 812s ready to go.


how it will look once they are installed.


so i have a problem, one of the heatsinks blocks the first pci-e. can I put my gpus in any lane? I will have 2 in cf. Im not really worried about a x8 bottle neck so i should be able to put them in any configuration right?


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getting the gpus in. and a little mock up again of the cpu heatsinks.


added the cooler master psu drive bay controller. and a nice panel to hide the wires.


Heatsinks removed.


took some metal off another case i am modding and made some more panels to cover up wires.


2 HD 6870s. i need to upgrade these.


this ram does work together. but the kingston is just a place holder.


all ready for cpus and an os


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I should record another video this weekend, it is supposed to get nice out.


well here are some pictures before i start putting more aluminum on it. im going to be covering the spaces in basement of the case. and do some other accent pieces.













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