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Offset CPU Overclocking

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Guys, this is a work in process so please bare with me on this, it's geared towards Intel CPU's but is just as relevant to AMD also; thank you in advance.



The principles of the less-used or commonly misunderstood Offset Mode for CPU overclocking or even underclocking.
Intel and AMD program each processor with a stock voltage using a binary code (known as VID). This binary code is utilized by the motherboard voltage regulator module (VRM) to set the correct voltage for the processor at stock operating frequency.
At stock, Intel’s power saving features such and SpeedStep, EIST and C-States are active. Under light loading conditions, SpeedStep reduces the CPU multiplier thus lowering the operating frequency. EIST dynamically lowers the VID while various C-States sends parts of the processor into low power or off state to help save power consumption.
Increasing the processor’s operating frequency, you're going to need to increase VCore in order to facilitate higher switching frequencies of the processor core. The conventional method of doing this is simply to set voltage control to manual mode and type in the required voltage for stability at the selected operating frequency. However, the side effect of using this method is that the applied voltage code (VID) remains static under all loading conditions so we end up increasing power consumption and heat production under light loading conditions unnecessarily.
The workaround for this is to use Offset Mode in BIOS to set the processor’s operating voltage; in order to do this you need to set CPU Voltage from Manual Mode to Offset Mode (Normal Mode with some motherboards).




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