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  2. I'm with Cheaps, a single 360mm radiator should suffice, if you want more cooling capacity, a pair or 360mm radiators would be way more than enough... And you could even add an additional 240/280 after that I'm sure. And yes, seems pretty clear for where they should go on the side, the top, and the bottom
  3. Hi. Welcome to the Zoo. You kind of confused me, though. Is this a repost of an email for modmymods.com? That case looks like it can take at least 2 3 x 120 radiators. One would likely suffice. Were you wanting to know if you could stuff more radiators? -because it seems kind of obvious where they could go.
  4. Hi ModMyMods, My question is for this case where would you locate the water cooling radiators? Enough room? What size radiators? Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic RGB Razer Edition Tempered Glass ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case - Black I am working on planning my next build and I wanted to know if this case would work for watercooling for both CPU and GPU / video card. I have built several PCs but this will be my first watercooled PC. I attend 2 panels yous guys were on at PAX East and you guys are great! I need some help planning my next build. Here is my preliminary game plan: RGB of course, need to start looking a specific brands core i7 10700K LGA 1200 Z490 MB 1TB SSD NAND M.2 2280 PCIe NvMe 3.0 32GB DDR-3600 RAM GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB GDDR6 850 Watt Gold PS Windows 10 Pro 64 bit SSD 2.5 drives Thanks Dave
  5. And again. This time they forgot to pay the electric bill at the datacenter.
  6. update last passage lateral writings and fixing of the packaging. temporary fixing padding with double-sided tape this allows me to evaluate well and make changes I fix the foam panels with spray glue applied on both sides now it's really over .. MAYHEM
  7. last cover closing panel. before applying the hinges and corner protectors I have to make sure that everything fits perfectly, the waste is minimal. I hold still with self-locking pliers so that when I make the holes nothing moves, it is very important if you err by 1/4 of a millimeter the closure will not match and it would be pain. also fixed the upper part of the hinge. the next step will be to insert the padding
  8. It was a long time since I wanted to make a fligh case, and today the time has come, I don't open another post because it concerns the mod already made BLACK HAWK this need because I need to transport BH for events and fairs and put it in the warehouse when not in use and it was necessary to create a case for it, since there is no container for sale I decided to build it. start the construction of the lower section.
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  10. Thanks! What you didn't see is that was the 4th or 5th one ? I do too, when watching other people's videos, which is why I like to share it in mine as well
  11. Your closing was fine, I enjoy watching the work and the thought process. Thanks
  12. So it's time to take a look at the reservoir/pump in this thing, and make a first pass at getting that figured out. Also a quick mock with some other stuff to see just how things are fitting in there Not too many pictures for this one, basically just drilled and tapped a hole in my Watercool pump top reservoir so I could have a different port location on it for having return to the pump there, or a fill/drain port later. Will also be thinking about a custom res+pump combo for this thing too... Thanks for checking it out, hopefully back soon with another installment
  13. I've not put one in a 600T, but I do have a 200mm Phobya radiator I could try to measure if there was something specific you were curious about. It's in a case right now, that I don't really want to dismantle, though, so that might limit some measuring to things I can access lol
  14. Just don't move!, ....and maybe the forum will stay on
  15. that's funny right there, LOL
  16. With social distancing orders in place, it's a lot harder to bucket-brigade the coal from the dwindling pile over to the furnace...
  17. Somebody touched the forum. It's seems to be fixed again. We're on the steam powered server now and sometimes it runs out of coal/human sacrifices.
  18. That's probably where I picked it up. Stuff rusts like crazy here too, though, In my case my mom was/is infamous for swiping tools. When I got my own tools as a teen I painted the logo stampings and inside of the sockets neon orange. Working with her on a house repair used to be 90% looking for your gear.
  19. Skully

    Core x71

    Cheers chap ?
  20. Nice one chap,some nice work going on there ?
  21. lol it's like the old timers that will paint their tools something ridiculous to keep people from walking off with them (or at least be easily traceable if they do)
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