About Us

Bill Owen has made a name for himself in the modding community, not only for the top quality projects he completes, but through his willingness to share his knowledge and teach others his craft. Since 2001, Bill’s company Mnpctech has modified computer cases into unique custom designs for clientele around the world.
Jeremy (E.E.L. Ambiense) is one of the four co-founders of The Mod Zoo along with Bill, Cheapskate, and Kyle. Formerly a 25+ yr graphic designer and printer, he now works as a ‘pro case modder’, laser tech, and water-cooling specialist for an online e-tailer. A veteran case-modder and artist, he’s carved up literally over 100 computer cases (a majority of those being Lian Li cases) for clientele and friends alike over the years. After family life took off, he doesn’t have as much time to work on things, but he’s hoping that will change because he’s losing his mind by not having an artistic outlet. A munky needs to fling his ‘creations’!
Greg (PCPackRat) was in the forefront of case modding, when every case was beige. He believes that airflow is the key to computers, and isn’t afraid to pop a 120mm blowhole in a case to prove his point. Greg’s company, Smart Computer Store, helps the community with PCs for senior citizens and leads the way in responsible recycling.
Stuart (noobas4urus) was first interested in computers started as a child when he was lured by the glow of a neighbor’s mac. It has grown since then and coupled with Stuart’s experiences with pneumatics and electronics, modding seemed to be a perfect fit. He was delighted in 2013 with the discovery of The Mod Zoo and several modders in the MN twin cities area. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge in anyway he can as well as picking up some new tricks along the way.
Trevor (Darth Fos) has been surrounded by computers almost his entire life starting in the 80’s when his family got a TRS-80. He has always been interested in computer hardware and prefers to build his own PCs. In 2009, he became fascinated with water cooling and built his first custom water cooled system that won the Overclock.net Mod of the Month. Trevor currently does Graphic Design for a living but used to work in IT as a Storage/Server specialist as well as years in various CAD/CAM and Engineering positions.
Alex Venz (Petra) – Born speaking only binary and raised by a pack of wild, vengeful, uncannily intelligent lawn gnomes, Alex is the evil genius who lurks in the shadows quietly controlling the PC water cooling world…or so he’d like to think. Having founded the now defunct Petra’s Tech & Petra’s Tech Shop back in 2005, designed and manufactured water cooling parts and biocides, got the EK hype train rolling in the US, provided product design consulting to manufacturers, and helped community members revive the independent accurate empirical water cooling performance evaluation scene, Alex has certainly left his mark on the PC water cooling community. To be safe, we keep him locked up in a cage tucked away in the basement of Munky HQ.

The Mod Zoo

Munky Staff

Chris (Mosquito) has been building custom computer cases since 2010. He has ventured into the world of woodworking, to create many unique and stunning case designs. He also appreciates well crafted tools, especially of the vintage variety. Having a wide range of projects, with several features including mod of the month and year nominations, featured mods, and even making #1 in Maximum PC’s list of top 7 user submitted rigs. You can usually find Chris in our forums offering advice or encouragement to fellow members.
Jesse (Captain CurrySauce) is an average system builder who likes to try out new ideas and things in his builds. He is a big fan of water cooled builds, and playing with the latest and greatest in hardware. Jesse is also our local photography nut.
Jeremy (Drougnor) first met Bill in the early 2000’s at one of the premiere modding sites that has since faded into the past, PimpRig.  He’s a computer nut, father, husband, bassist and IT professional that has held onto his love for all things modded and is now sharing that love by spreading the word of The ModZoo through the Facebook fanpage and Twitter feed.
Graham (Dumpstertech) prides himself on being a geek on the cheap. Starting out as a PC builder in college, he was always searching for deals on eBay or Microcenter open box specials. Now later in life he digs through his Employer’s PC recycle piles for parts to salvage. An IT Professional by day and a PC builder/enthusiast by night. First getting introduced to Bill and the Mod Zoo after staying up late one night researching a way to mod a case to support a radiator, he stumbled upon Bill’s Youtube and discovered the Smart Computer Store. After that he was sucked into the Munky-Madness!