NZXT Manta mITX Tower Case Review

Curves are nothing new to PC cases. Manufacturers have turned to curves to break up the classic beige box and add appeal for end users, for many years now. There have been cases with sweeping curves, but, nothing quite like NZXT’s new Mini ITX case, the Manta. Teased at CES 2016, the Manta is all about curves, featuring not only curved edges, but, curved surfaces as well. The case is as sleek as they come, and it’s easy to see the sports automotive influence.

As I mentioned, the case is mITX, but, by no means is it small. I’m hoping to coin the phrase “Large Small Form Factor”. Here guys, help me out with that. Due to it’s curved panels and spacious component layout, the Manta turns out to be more of a mid tower than a small form factor case. Fair warning, turn away now if you’re one of those SFF snobs that hates large mITX cases, because you might catch feelings for this case.

Currently the Manta is available for $139.99 at the NZXT website, along with Specifications.


I want to spend some time on the specs, mainly because the numbers for the Manta are completely misleading on paper. Looking at the external dimensions, the Manta on paper has a staggering 46.97L volume. To put that into perspective, that’s over 10L larger that the Bitfenix Prodigy external dimensions (36.26L), another large mITX case. In fact, the Manta overshadows the S340’s 38.45L and is just shy 3L of the H440’s 49.25L, both of which are ATX sized towers.

The curved panels are the culprit here. Measuring the usable chassis, you get W: 192mm x H: 340 x D: 379. Do the math there and you’re left with 24.74L, a massive 47% reduction from the given measurements with the panels on. This puts the case in a nearly identical internal size as the Prodigy, which measures 26.35L. This is just to give you an idea of what to expect: mid tower external size with mITX guts.



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