Tesoro GRAM Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard


It’s not often I find a keyboard that I will walk away from my beloved IBM Model M for, but in this case, Tesoro has hit a home run. The keyboard is solid, feels great to my fingers (though, I would love to have a board with their blue switches to do a side by side comparison) and is a pleasure to type long spreads on as well as being great for gaming. While I personally have not found a use for the majority of the color customization or macros, having those options in an easy to reference software package is a pure win.

There are only a few gripes that I have about this board and none are actual deal breakers.


  • Aluminum faceplate looks great and feels wonderfully solid
  • Thin height profile makes the keyboard feel VERY compact
  • Braided cable is rugged and offers plenty of length
  • LEDs are bright but not blinding
  • Easy to configure and use the various modes
  • You can easily swap in full height caps if you want


  • USB Mini port offers no support to cable. Internal connector could snap easily if you often remove the cable
  • ‘White’ appears slightly purple indicating a slight imbalance in RGB output

Listing at the time of this review for $139.99 on Amazon, I personally think that this keyboard is definitely worth the money and whole heartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid mechanical keyboard that is sure to last several years into the future.

Without a doubt, this keyboard is worthy of The Mod Zoo Stamp of Approval!

I’d personally like to thank Tesoro and their representative, Lucas, for working with me on this review and I look forward to working with them in the future.

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