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  2. The cooler for that M.2 came out great, really looks nice nestled in there on the MB. those headphones have a nice finish to them. Almost a shame to mod them to match the build, if that's what you're going to to.
  3. side panel complete! the time has come to discard M.2 aorus with copper heatsink I must say that it is wonderful but it would be out of place with the mod then .... let's assemble it! and after cablemod another sponsor joined the party we are talking about EPOS company specialized in the audio sector, which kindly sent me these GSP 302 gaming series headphones the quality of these headphones is high-end. here you will find all the product features https://www.eposaudio.com/en/us/gaming/products here you can find the video of the unboxing [VIDEO]
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  5. Completion of SSD panel with LEDs Position of the white vinyl on the bottom panel for but wider diffusion. LEDS strips position On the penultimate panel and first .. All mounted and test .. [VIDEO]
  6. conclusion cover psu I am not a lover of rainbow leds I love whole and soft colors.
  7. up and front panels complete!
  8. You say to use 3v but how many amps. I am very interested as I have just started anodising aluminium with good results and was looking for a better way to protect steel parts. Cheers, Anthony
  9. Hi guys here are some shots of the fantastic AORUS RADEON RX6900XT modded in theme and reassembled
  10. You and Ron are the only other people to notice the site is back. I think I've seen your 'uncle' here in Texas a few times.
  11. motherboard and ram modules completed [VIDEO]
  12. This is really coming along well. always enjoy going over your build logs.
  13. ssd bracket complete stating with ram disassembling
  14. after having carefully disassembled the AORUS RX6900XT MASTER here she is naked and raw .. unplug fan cables, leds and small monitor body painting a few more small tricks and then everything is put back together ...
  15. cuntom logo on deepcool castle 360 v2
  16. conclusion of the cover psu compost from 3 pieces classic cover folded at 90 ° which serves me as a support to add the other 2 in the middle of the leds that will illuminate the logos and show light between the panels these threaded inserts are great!! let's mount hello guys today a lot of stuff .. let's go! ssd painting .. disassembly, coat of primer and same painting of the case. realization of the SSD housings, a case cover panel on which the bracket is mounted will have an extra led panel to cover the cables I decided to customize the deepcool AIO logo by replacing it with my own .... what a megalomaniac I am ... here is the central part with the leds reflecting the light from below, there is a small panel, I cleaned the support and applied the logo cut out on vinyl. et's proceed with the rest radiator themed painting customization of motherboard elements ... always in a vegetated camouflage theme
  17. Go a head with the second coat.. Continue with last camouflage color a yellow khaki Next step interior panels this case has both side panels in glass, I prepare a cover that in addition to acting as a cover for the cables will give more character to the whole mod! this panel is a bit complex it will take a while to finish it and I still have to define well the logos and lights to complete it with other ribs Hi guys you proceed with the side panel a bit complex and laborious but it's worth it All panels are undincollated with a superchlant for acrylic. Painting of the internal side panel There will always be tempered glass panels closing everything This panel serves to hide the cables, and give illumination as well as to further customize the case. graphics applied before painting, Under this panel the LEDs will be positioned For the most demanding videos with music!!!! .... PSU cover consisting of 3 pieces will be positioned leds between the panels with a layered effect ... I had to make a hole (which will be hidden with another panel) for the power supply installing it upside down, i.e. the fan at the bottom, there was not enough ventilation ... as this will be a real GAMING BEAST a good cooling first of all .. ready to paint!! in the meantime, another package from PCHUNTER.IT what will it ever be?
  18. first components arrived.. disassembling case first coat primer. after one coat of primer, opaque military green undercoat the vegetated mimetic involves the use of branches, leaves etc., in this case I use pine twigs, but the effect changes according to the support used
  19. Hi guys soon available hardware list new mode coming remains tuned ....
  20. FIRST! I should apologize. That was totally me that time. Thanks again, Kyle for fixing things!
  21. Think im gonna just go with some stand alone Green 5mm leds and call it a day while the breathing effect would be cool i think it would be pointless because you wouldnt really see it to much
  22. So the printers are running basically 24/7 at the moment. For a better connection of the parts, I either added holes for metal rods, or tried to interlock the pieces before gluing them together. Here is the front grill. the missing rods will be simply pushed through the bottom holes at the end. The outer shell is almost done, just a few parts missing.
  23. as long as it's the same type, and you get the wires connected correctly, yeah, maybe. let us know what you end up going with. Put some pictures up.
  24. Hey also I have the phantek neon m5 in my case that has the ability to Daisy chain more rgb if that helps
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