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  1. Thanks Fan Blade. Im in this for the community and to help where and when i can i have never been in it for the profit or recognition i have always stayed in the background :P Since i am not the only one to help Mike with this build i thought i would put this idea forward to him so everyone has a chance but at the end of the day he won the card it is his choice. Plus if i had the card it would sit on a shelf literally taunting me to do something with it and i simply cant afford it at the moment and a card like that needs to be used its too nice of a bit of kit to sit idle.
  2. I am proud to of worked on this build with you and love the fact it has so much of a following. As much as i would love to have that card i couldn't possibly accept such a prize as it was a team effort from quite a few members on this site we got input from everyone including Bill himself. Also i have nothing to put it in and with things the way they are at the moment i wont be getting anything together for quite a while so i will give this to you for an idea see if you and Bill agree. How about setting up a contest of our own on this site with Bills approval and have that as a main prize since we both have got so much from the people here tips and input for your build. It just wouldn't feel right for me to take that card as i have nothing to use it in but at least this way we could generate more traffic for mnpctech through people entering for a competition and the people who helped you ALL have a chance to get something from what was created.
  3. Dont forget alcohol can be helpful in the creative process as it makes you think of crazy things you wouldent of otherwise. But you need to be only lightly toasted not totaly plastered.
  4. Lol yea we went forward and backwards with a few hundred PM's and that post.
  5. You missed the ones from way back when we started. http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/465-3d-rendering/page-2 Way back in the day :p
  6. I looked at that crack in the pipe in the first photo and it looks to me like a stress crack. It could just be the angle of the photo but from the position of the cracks in the pipe it looks like the stress came from where it pluged in on the top of the photo pushing towards the bottom of the photo not the fitting.
  7. Haha no need mike like i said at the start i did it for the practice and i am proud to of worked on a rig that has had this much good response. Also loving the fact you took my initial render and put your own ideas in for the interior when Toasty died. It is great for a designer to see initial concept being built it is even better when the client continues building on the concept to truly make it there own design. Congrats on a great looking system.
  8. I am really loving the way this build is progressing and the work mike is putting into it is brilliant. Finally got my system up and running and i am trying to catch up to what mike has changed in the build since Toasty mk1 died is going to take me a little while though.
  9. To be honest it depends entirely what i am modeling. If it is somthing with lots of parts that fit together and i can get the measurements then i will use solidworks to make the model then Keyshot pro to render it and sort out the materials for a quick render or the built in one Photoview 360 in solidworks if i want a nice crisp realistic image. If its somthing that just needs to look like an object then i can build it in good ol 3D Studio Max or blender or even sketchup and still use Keyshot Pro for materials when rendering it. Keyshot is great for rendering but that is all it is you cant build anything inside it. So i kinda go all over the place nurbs poly i dont care to be honest its the end result that matters not what you build it in.
  10. Grab a copy of something like blender thst is free and give it a go my laptop only had a silly little ATI shared memory gfx and a single exhaust for cooling. More a business laptop hell a glorified typewriter lol.
  11. @natron to be honest i wouldn't recommend anyone do rendering on a laptop mine wasnt nicknamed Toasty for nothing lol. Half the time doing the renders for 3 or 4 hours at temps of 90+ i could of fryed an egg on the lid :p And doing that with daily updates for 6 or 7 months im supprised it lasted as long as if did. This dell with a proper gfx card for rendering with a few tweeks maybe me redesigning the case and water Cooling the hell out of it should last quite a while.
  12. Ok TOASTY MKii incoming by next week hopefully. Got a blinding deal on a old dell off ebay quad xeon with a quadro fx3800 1gb that should keep me going till i can build another monster rig. Ill keep you posted needless to say once i get it i will be back on the ball rendering and helping out mike. Think the water loop is next.
  13. Toasty is fresh back from a nice format wash so you can expect a few more renders hopfully at higher rez now i cleaned off all the randum files :P Any requests for angles or settings please post a sugestion.
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