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    PC gaming, Case mods ( xbox and pc ) Basically anything with computers. I am currently getting my Associates degree in Network Systems Administration, and will be getting more into Computer Forensics.
  1. awesome thank you guys. timing on this couldnt have been any better lol. working on a new build and need more parts. but i have been ordering from performance pc.
  2. I was wondering if it is just me or if anyone else may be having issues with trying to check out from frozenCPU? I just ordered from them a few weeks ago and now i can not place another order as there is no check out button anywhere on the page now........... Any other good sites to order parts from? i have place a few orders with performance PC.
  3. Very sic man. I love that green. I like your older rig to. I have a window piece sitting around I started doing etching in for that same effect. Very awesome man. Can't wait to see more. Welcome.
  4. Sorry its been awhile since my last update.. I ended up getting really sick, took me down for 2 weeks. Got hit turning on to the freeway. Just been a wonderful start to the new year. But I did manage to get me some new parts for my build and i am back on it. Still awaiting a few more packages from MNCP Tech and ModDIY. I got ordered me a beautiful Water cooling kit from FrozenCPU.com got the EK X240 Kit. Just need to get hard lines and fittings for it. Also got me some of them nice Anti Vandal Switches, Purple is power and the Red is the reset. I hooked the red led to the HHD activity I think it is pretty cool, just as i hooked the purple to the power led. Will upload a few more pictures today. Been doing some Sheet metal fab for the case and figuring out the Rad location, can not mount it on the top, the fans and rad would be smacking the MB. I know my work is just childs play compaired to some of you others.. but thanks for all of those that have replied to my work log. It means a lot just to get that little bit of support.
  5. Like that case. Good job on the sleeving. My first shot turned out pretty good too. I used Para Cord that i bought at a flea market. Went heatsrinkless on mine. What do you think about that Lamptron Pin tool kit? I was thinking about buying one. I have bought many pin removal tools but the one i made worked out better, just bends way to much and takes a few tries to get the pins out .
  6. Looking good. I like that mac case. like all the mesh. Should look pretty sweet when your all done.
  7. checked frozencpu, found a few sites over sea's but i really dont wanna wait that long.been googling my heart out lol. if you got any suggestions that would be awesome. My first custom water cool. Every excited to do this part of my build.
  8. Awesome. Thank you very much. i see most of everyone is sold out on the clear lines lol
  9. Ok so I bought a EK X240 Complete Dual 120mm Liquid Cooling Kit (EK-KIT X240) But i am not sure what size tubing i need. I want to buy the hard acrylic lines. Any help would be awesome guys. Plus i will be posting new pics soon on my work log.
  10. Lol my drill fits in alright. I tighten it up pretty good. But hey I didn't pay anything for it either lol. It was given to me.
  11. Very nice. All very awesome unique builds. But still a fan of yours.. love how the lighting feels like it right from the movie.
  12. Very sweet looking. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  13. For the modder i would give 3M sanding disk and bristle disk.. I used these in automotive and fell in love with them. They make great for and sanding and are great for making them awesome retro swirls in metal. Only one thing on my wish list... An Ek water cooling kit for my Half -X build.
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