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  1. what a GREAT WORK!! fantastic!! love the process! Original ;)
  2. The liquid is amazing! Cm'on fill the loop :P :D
  3. Thanks :D i found an old Chieftec BX-01B-B-SL, i have some works to do :P
  4. Nice worklog, i follow for new updates! I'm going to start a similar "rebirth" mod from an old case and this is inspiring for me :) Good job!
  5. impressive, colors are perfectly matched, and details are amazing! Is a perfect build, you did a fantastic work!
  6. Thanks :) Nope. I've designed and made by hand :)
  7. Hello again guys. Something big happened in this first two months of 2015. For many reason and needs, i switched to Intel platform, and i tried to build a powerfull workstation, without change too much my mod. The great thing is that now i can run a clean perfectly working hackintosh. So my rig now runs Windows 7 Professional and OS X Yosemite in dual boot. So the result is here: GAX79UD5 Intel Core i7 4930k 16gb DDR3 Dominator Platinum 2400mhz Palit GTX 770 Jetstream Corsair Force 3 120gb (Windows) Corsair Force LS 120gb (Adobe/Maxon Cache) Samsung 840 EVO 120gb (OSX Yosemite) - SSD is hidden in the rear panel Segate Barracuda 3tb (storage) Corsair AX 750 Gold Now i need to optimize the internal case airflow with a pair of fan in frontal intake. I'll stay with this small Arctic Cooler, that does his work and is super silent. In the future maybe i could go with custom liquid, but for now i've spent all my money. Now is time for benchmarks and animations!
  8. Nice project, i like the colors ;) Want to see more :D
  9. Nice build and great color match! :) i like it!
  10. Amazing work!! Perfect details, great work really!!!
  11. Pics updated with better color balance :)
  12. Thank you!!! Of course you can! :) it would be an honor :D ;)
  13. Final shots of my completed rig! Introduce you BLACK & GOLD 600T
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