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  1. No problem! Let me know what solution you decide to come up with; quite curious to know =D
  2. I don't think the exhaust fan in place of the dvd drive will cause any harm (heat pockets) since.. heat DOES rise. You could have a top exhaust with a side exhaust; giving your case a negative pressure (more air blowing out). I read these articles to get me started on positive/negative pressure and heat dissipation (its a little outdated but still useful): http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cooling-airflow-heatsink,3053.html (click on url and press enter if your can't see the article..) https://www.technibble.com/case-cooling-the-physics-of-good-airflow/ Basically, positive pressure (more air going in) and negative pressure (more air going out) doesn't have much difference except that positive pressure tends to build up dust (nothing a little filtration screen can't fix). Just be weary of trapped heat and you should be fine with any modifications you do to your case.
  3. You could get rid of the dvd drive, and use an external dvd drive if you need discs. That way you can make room for another a top mount exhaust. and add a side fan to pull in cooler air? Just a thought =)
  4. Thank you for being so informative! Definitely going to mount radiators to the side. Just need to figure out my budget now. Haha
  5. wow! what an interesting design! Are there any performance issues with passively cooled systems?
  6. Wow! Thanks for the input guys! I didn't even consider having a radiator OUTSIDE the case! Thinking "outside the box" huh haha. Thank you both for your input. I will definitely consider mounting radiators on my side panels.. Just need a clever design.. If the radiators were to be outside, could it be passively cooled? Or how would the fan setup be since it's no longer an enclosed compartment? Thank you again!
  7. Hi everyone! I wanted the opinion of this forum to see whether my dream of a custom hardline water cooling in my tower is feasible. I currently have an Antec 300 case with the hopes of water cooling my cpu (fx-6100) and dual gpu (msi r9 280x). From reading the forums, it looks like I'm going to need at least two radiators to sufficiently cool these units.. Do you guys think I have enough space to play with in this case? Or should I get a new case entirely? If so, what case do you guys suggest? Fairly new to the concept of water cooling... please excuse my newbie-ness. Thank you!
  8. Thinking about doing a hard-line Liquid cooling solution for my PC

  9. SO innovative! Looking forward to the updates!
  10. That blacklight really sets off all the colors! SO AWESOME!
  11. I didn't even know about this! learn something new everyday! It also looks like the bottom radiator is blocking your ram slots? Can't really tell. Keep it up! it will be a glorious day when you complete your mod :lol:
  12. Looks awesome!! can't wait to see it with the water cooler in there!
  13. I would be hesitant too! I haven't even attempted water-cooling yet.. It seems so dangerous and foreign to me; but it looks so awesome! Good luck on the leak test! And I hope everything goes as planned! :D
  14. Hope the progress is coming along well! I just joined the forum and I will be doing a similar mod with a dell vostro 400 I'll be following with interest!
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