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  1. Hi cheapskate, love some of the stuff you've done. most of its either zip tied or screwed in, theres only the 2 blue intake fans not attached yet. I was going to pull the heat sink off, but i couldn't find any thermal paste to replace it with and all the stores were closed yesterday. and i'm thinking about getting dust filters for the fans so i don't think i'll need a grill for it. But is stopping the fans really that bud for them? Thanks for all the comments, love the stuff you guys do.
  2. Hello again. Finished my case today, came out reasonably well. Some things that were more difficult than i would have thought. The rear and front i/o for example. But over all i think it can out reasonably well. Well thats the finished product but i've got some in progress shots for you. so after i ripped it out of the old case and cut all the supports from the new one. i worked out a layout. a intake fan installed front i/o installed motherboard installed Fan is mostly clean Power Supply installed with some cable management Everything installed and wired up Rear i/o was more difficult than i had thought it was going to be Does anyone know where i can get one of those extension cables like they use in those small matx case's with the power supply in the front. (Like the bitfenix prodigy i think?) a few more intake fans, some blue led 120mm i had laying around. All closed up and ready to rock. Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you thought, and any improvements you think i could make
  3. Hey bill, Yeah sorry about that, its just i spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out how to post them here before giving up. so i uploaded them to imgur, and then figured out how to uploaded them here. but my internet is amazingly slow, a i couldn't be bothered waiting for them to upload again last night, ill upload them again today for you though.
  4. Water cooling it would be cool. but there's a reason i'm using a $15 PC. My massive lack of money. but a similar thing with a windowed top door could look very cool. but maybe one day.
  5. nice and simple. How did you cut the usb holes?
  6. Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster, and first time modder. So last week i got a old box from a Makita drill sadly without the drill :( But i didn't know what to do with it. Then i had the idea, Put a computer in it. so i went out got a cheap PC, $15 from a friend. Has a Pentium dual core e5400 clocked at 3.75 GHz. 4GB of ddr2 on some gigabyte motherboard. https://imgur.com/a/6dXCX (sorry for the imgur link, figured out how to upload the images to the forum after waiting 20 minutes for them to upload #AustralianInternet) Sorry for the potato quality of that last one
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