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  1. So I discovered that I suck at bending metal by hand, so I'm going to break down and order a bending brake and some locking pliers for sheet metal. Hopefully then I will be able to get this shroud built
  2. Still working on this. The battery died in my camera and I think I lost the charger when I moved, so waiting on a new one I ordered. Currently working on making the top shroud for the fans, just gotta figure out the right order to bend the metal.
  3. Small update. Got the drive cage and HDD rack removed from the case. Bunch of rivets had to be drilled Got it free The case looks so empty now Currently working on figuring out how to turn the 3-drive bay into a single drive bay and then reinstall it. After that, I have to make the top fan shroud and customize the front panel. I believe that's all I have left, unless I come up with any more crazy ideas along the way lol. Stay tuned.
  4. Oops, tried to edit and hit the wrong button Remember kids, don't drink and post lol
  5. Got some more work done. Messed up the original plate because I forgot to take into account the total width of the radiator in relation to the mounting holes, so they ended up too close to the rad for the nuts to fit. So I had to make a new one with new mounting holes. Used Bills method of cutting round holes with a dremel by holding the disk at an angle for the air hole. Used the top of my drafting table work bench as a quick vice lol Was almost done when disaster struck! The flexible attachment for the dremel broke with only about another inch and a half left to cut Managed to patch it up enough to finish the job using some heat shrink, but it's toast. Going to have to buy a new one in the next few days. Here is the new plate mounted on the case Still have to paint it, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Question for everyone. What is the best way to get rid of the galvanizing on the sheet metal so I can paint it? Would sanding it off be the best way?
  6. Well my old system had an AMD CPU and it worked good for me so I decided to stick with them, and the 970 board was on sale and seemed to fit when I need it for so I went with that. As for the graphics card, that was also on sale and seemed to be good enough for what I needed for, but now I am going to be running two of them in SLI. This computer will be mainly used for web surfing, iTunes, and some 3-D modeling in sketch up, and some light gaming
  7. After almost a year being on hiatus, this project is back. A few changes that have happened: Decided not to put the power button and whatnot on the top. Current plan is to put them in the top 5.25 drive bay and cut out the rest. Decided to bite the bullet and try water cooling. Also cut the top fan grills out of the case and got started on making a mounting plate for the radiator. Stay tuned
  8. Saw the rose on the video Barnacules Nerdgasm made covering the event. Looked killer!
  9. Hmm, Minneapolis IS only about 8 hours away. I may have to take you up on that lol
  10. I never figured a theme for something as simple as a rose could be so epic. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the rose reservoir.
  11. I'm a die hard VW guy. I love your MK2 Bill. Wish I could have a ride in it some day. My first car was a 84 rabbit. Current car is my 94 VW Jetta 2.0. Wouldn't give it up for anything. It's not too far off from my dream car, MK3 VW Variant. I really wish they would have released these state-side. Only a few more years before I could legally import one. Hopefully I will have that kind of money by then :P
  12. Very nice. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for this build. I vote for workshop pics for updates, with "studio" pics every now and then to show how it's all coming together.
  13. Been listening to folk music from the lands of my ancestors lately
  14. I think I might have all the parts to build one of these lying around. Might have to try it if I get bored LOL.
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