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  1. Thanks Icelander. Was just on your R5 build thread, looking good!
  2. Love the r5 mod! all the acrylic panels make the case look really clean. Great case to work in
  3. Try holding the can a little closer, In my experience with plasti-dip it needs to be closer than regular spraypaint. Also, what has worked for me is to dip my finger in paint thinner and smooth out the dip. The paint thinner re-liquefies the plasti-dip enough to smooth out with your finger, but too much and it will start to run off. You just want enough lubrication for your finger to slide along the surface. If all else fails, you can always peel it and start over
  4. Thanks Bill! Just getting the feel for the site, but will do. Haha! That would be a mod for for the ages. Who is going to do it? I named it "defector" because I was planning to try to get an apple os on a separate drive, but since then the spare drive has become a place to store games, and the name stuck. I might still tinker around with the hackintosh idea later Since making that video, I have been looking into getting a scroll saw, specifically the Dremel version, but I will check out the tile saws as well. Thanks for the tips!
  5. Hi everyone, I am near completion of my Define R5 project and just joined the forum, great community here with lots of info! I hope I will be able to contribute in some way Here are the specs of the system: Fractal Design Define R5 caseAsus X99 Deluxe motherboardIntel Core I7 5960X cpuEVGA SC GTX980 gpuCrucial Ballistix 32GB DDR4 2400mhz memorySamsung XP941 M.2 512GB ssdSamsung 850 EVO 500GB ssdCorsair AX760 psu the cooling system includes:Alphacool NexXxos XT45 360mm radiatorAlphacool NexXxos XT45 280mm radiatorBitspower AIX99D Full Cover BlockBitspower NGTX980 gpu blockPrimochill CTR 120 D5 enabled reserviorXPSC D5 pumpBitspower Enhance Multi-link fittingsBitspower Crystal Link tubingMayhems Pastel Raspberry Purple coolantDarkside Mods LED lights Mods:acrylic shroud for case and power supplypainted various parts of the x99 deluxecable extensions with teleios sleevingcase window - to be completed I documented the build on my youtube channel, I hope its ok to embed the videos here. Thanks for looking, and happy modding!
  6. Welcome to the forums metalj :)

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