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  1. Thank you. Quite a few people have been saying the same thing which means I must be doing something right. Next steps are a basement cover incorporating acrylic and mesh for airflow. Then I'll work on new backplate for my 1070s since the ROG LED on one is failing. After that I'll decide if I want to paint some of the accents on the board, though the current color scheme works for my build. I will however be adding a cover for the area next to the motherboard to clean it up a bit. Lots of ideas, just need time and to get some extra materials.
  2. Finally finished the front panel and sort of expanded the front end to a 480mm size instead of 360mm. Didn't do much else, it took some time to get the front panel just right and mounted solid, and then I didn't have much else I could do due to the weather being so poor. I'll be cutting out the lower side panels, painting them, and then installing those next. I have to fix the MB tray paint job, had a small mishap on the far side with the dremel when cutting the front end, but it's small.
  3. More updates. I finally got the front panel cleaned up and painted. Looks great thus far. I still have to do the lower side panels, then work on the basement cover, and finally work on how to alter the front panel to fit a 360mm rad the way I want to. I will not be able to move my build into this case for some time though, as I regrettably do not have any income at this time, and will need to wait (I need new thermal paste, more water cooling tubing, a couple more fittings, and some other items). I'm still debating on putting a case badge on, I thought I wanted to, but now I'm not certain yet. I will wait until it is assembled and to my liking before deciding on minor last minute details like that. Based on my progress and where I'm at, I'd say I'm about 50% of the way done with this project, and depending on income and other factors I should finish at the latest February of next year. And because she was irritated with me for working on this; That will be all until Monday or Tuesday, as I want to let the paint cure as much as possible before assembling the front panel.
  4. Updates! Updates I Say! Sorry, its been slow going these last few days, the warmer dry weather hasn't been around and I'm hoping to finish some last minute grinding and painting on the front panel. I've re assembled most of the case thus far, found my old SSD mount for the case and I plan on using it as a support strut for the motherboard tray, as the removed 5.25" has lead to some minor structural weakness and movement. Still working on what and how to cover the basement, thinking a combination of mesh and plating might not be a bad idea, and would allow for further creativity in this build. I will be using my 2016 PAX West pin from Corsair to keep the logo on the front, its definitely an improvement if not a sad day since it will only live on my case afterwards. I am also trying to decide if I want to cut off the center strut in the front panel that separates the 5.25" bays and fans (also holds the front fan mesh in place), as I will be mounting a mesh to the front panel, and it would allow for both better asthetics and LEDs should I decide to light up that front panel. Fans! Let us not forget those. I have a weird assortment of fans at the moment, primarily different versions of Corsairs, and a few EK Vadar fans as well. I will be using a Commander Pro and I know it has issues with using different fans at any one time, so I will plan accordingly until I can get the Corsair ML fans to replace them all. I will also use the daisy chaining feature of the Commander Pro and expand my fan connectivity to match the 12x 120mm and 1x 140mm fans that will eventually live in this case. Speaking of the Commander Pro, I will also use the USB strips that connect to it to primarily light up my interior, white of course because unicorn puke doesn't belong in my clean and almost colorless build. Love RGB, just no need for it, and I want this system as clean as possible. Tons of black zip ties, cable tie downs, and I have so many more plans for cable management and routing. I currently don't have a job, so buying anything else is out of the question at this time, but once I'm able to I will be putting tempered glass in place of the platic that is now my side window. Thankfully I got new side panels and top cover from Corsair before starting this, still has yet to have the plastic peeled off (I so plan on doing that live on stream, so for plastic peeling pleasure, maybe take a minute to check it out). My Corsair Dominator Platinum memory currently has their aftermarket lighting bars on it. I also got a nice set from Mod One in black that I will switch to once I swap the build. I will also be using nylon spacers, very thin ones, to screw anything down to the motherboard tray as well as the rear panel to protect the paint, and thank god for the already built in IO shield my motherboard comes with as I should not have any alignment issues because of it. So much to do, so many limitations right now, and yet I keep finding things I can work on thankfully. Now for the visual tech-porn;
  5. Finished cutting and grinding out the front panel. All I need to do is prime and paint it tomorrow. Then its test fit, line up, and assemble. I do have to work on the Corsair panel a bit, grind down 1/8" or so on each of the sides to hide it better behind the mesh. I'm working out if I want to paint the inner frame a bit to match the motherboard tray, but I think I like the idea of black and metallic gray contrasting. Next step though is to consider a flat panel to fit onto the backside next to the motherboard tray to clean up the interior more and allow me to mount my Pump/Res however I like. I'll work it out. Corsair panel; Custom panel; Should work out great once I've got it all together. I'm thinking I'll have to cut off the center, "bar" for lack of a better term, that separates the 360mm fan mounts from the 5.25" bay on the plastic panel. I'll also need to work out LEDs and so on so forth. This is coming together great thus far.
  6. Fresh piece of cut aluminum. My dremmel hand tool did a great job and I regret not getting one sooner for my other projects. I'll be stenciling on the front panel design tonight, more than likely cutting it out tomorrow, and then painting it engine enamel flat black by Rustoleum. I think I have just enough self etching primer left or I'll need to make a quick trip to Home Depot to get another can. So much done in one day and so much more to go. I think I'll have to paint part of the frame to keep the grey interior color from clashing on the motherboard tray.
  7. Panels before they're cut, though the shorter larger panel will have the spacing cut out for the outer aluminum panel I actually plan to cut the design into. I'm hesitant to start cutting those thick panels though, I have a dremel, and honestly I don't want to have to buy the big one since it's $50 alone. I'll keep chugging along.
  8. Updates: Painted the lower side panel doors, the rear panel, the front bezel, and motherboard tray. I also added my MNPCTech aluminum cable combs to my custom cables from Mod One that I received a couple of weeks ago. A lot done in the last two days. I'll be adding pics of the lower side panels later once they're dry and the new aluminum panel I finally got for the front. Things I would kill to have and will probably sell an arm for this build; 12x 120mm Corsair ML Pro fans and 1x 140mm Corsair ML Pro fan, singularity res (Black with polished clear) and D5 pump pieces, tempered glass side panel for the 900D (I'll have to fabricate the panel some). Those are the case items I will slowly work towards as I finish the mod and aim to perfect the system. There are a few hardware changes I'd like to do, though those take the lowest priority, and lets just say part of it is a RAID setup that costs soo much yet gives me so much... lol... @Bill Owen That ROG plate I got from you and the Combs are great, thank you again, and I look forward to completing this project!
  9. Updates - Finished the front, definitely like the idea of the asymmetry, and I won't write it off. I've also included similar patterns for the lower side panels for the fan grills. Above is the finished front. Right and left side lower panels respectively. Just need to get measurements on the basement so I can swap out the modders mesh to a solid sheet of aluminum for the floor. I've also go to measure the lower side panels and get an idea of size and ratio to the design. Then its onto my template paper (I use book cover transfer, works great, and I can cut it with a dremel). I meant have the glass cut then treated. I need a custom front panel, one for the already windowed side panel (Hopefully with the same bolt pattern), and one for the left side which I plan to show off (Mod One cables inbound and arriving on Monday). I have the old top piece to the case, stripped the broken plastic frame off of it, and I'm still planning on how to use the mesh from it in the build since I love the slotted pattern. Might not be a bad idea to mount it behind the front panel or the lower side panels. We shall see. Tomorrow I strip the case down and clean it up, probably sometime after 2pm PST since I have a few things to take care of first. I will not be de rivetting the case at this time, I'm not certain if I want to paint the interior, and I sill have some planning to take care of first. Colors are going to centralize around the ASUS Maximus Formula X motherboard, Phanteks blocks, and twin Strix 1070's. Mod One cables will be patterned based on these colors; 24 ATX rows 1-3 are black, 4-5 are shade 19, 6-7 are titanium grey, 8-9 are shade 19 again, and 10-12 are black 8-pin EPS is 1 black, 2 shade 19, 3 is titanium, and 4 is black again 16-pin (2x 8-pin PCIe) is 1-2 black, 3 shade 19, 4 titanium then reverse for the second one (I plan on upgreading to a 2080Ti Strix in the future, need to reduce how much case is filled, and the power is worth it to me). I'll upload pics of the cables once they've arrived and before they go in. Lots of planning, I know, lots of ideas and ways I can go about it but its progressing. I almost had to stop since someone got a hold of me in regards to obtaining the case. Now that that's died down I can go full blast and enjoy it. The question is, do I keep the corsair logo on it, or go without? I kind of like the idea of repainting it a nice flat satin black exterior and a metalic gunmetal interior. I even know the paint I would use.
  10. Modified it a bit so I could scale it to the front of the panel. I'll upload another update either tonight or tomorrow. I'm about to tear it down to the frame and start planning on how to cut off the 5.25" bays and expand it to 360mm/480mm RAD support. Then I have to plan on how to best attach it to the front while giving it another 1" outwards extension for airflow. Know any companies that not only cut custom sized tempered glass but would be willing to drill in some holes for pass through bolts similar to the Crystal 570X? By the way, love my cable combs, I plan on using them with my new Mod One cables which sould be shipping out here soon.
  11. Just started working on the new front panel design. I'm thinking of a thin aluminum on a small frame with mesh, use a passthrough bolt and spacer to possibly mount custom tempered glass over it with some LEDs. We shall see, I kind of like it how it is. I will be cutting out the drive bays and the cage mount for a flatter interior. I want to mount a larger front radiator and make it so I can mount up to two res/pumps inside. If anyone has a template for a mid plate let me know.
  12. I'll start off with some minor eye candy, my personal PC as it is today, and then describe a few ideas I have for the 900D case. Intel Core i7-8700K @ 5GHz (No tweaking as of yet, so more room to grow here) ASUS Maximus X Formula Z370 Motherboard SLI ASUS Strix 1070's @ 2026 ea 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 @ 3200 Samsung 960 Pro 512GB M.2 Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD Corsair AX1200i Power Supply Phanteks GPU and CPU blocks EWKB radiators, fittings, and pump/res combo Mod One custom sleeved extensions Corsair Crystal 570X Case The Goal: To modify and re purpose my old 900D case (I have new side panels, top panel, and some accessories arriving today). - Cut out the 5.25" bay cage - Modify the front panel and I/O - Replace window panel with Tempered glass - Repaint exterior/interior - Develope a theme (Black, grey, carbon, etc...) - Have this finished by March of 2019 I will add more as I come up with it, I'm still in the planning phases, and I'm still looking for some replacement parts (New bottom panel for the 900D, one of the bottom door hinges bent it out in one spot, and I may have to replace it).
  13. I'll be at it again soon. Finally going to Mod my 900D since Caselabs is no more and honestly I'm tired of not having space in my system (Currently in a custom painted Crystal 570X). I'll work on and create a build log as well as include the twitch channel informaiton for when I stream some parts of it.

  14. Completed. I will include video link at the end. A lot of work and some minor delays but it looks amazing. Below is the video link. Let me know what you guys think. Now I have to decide on what project to work on next while still trying to work out the best method for painting my own case.
  15. Ditched the Overwatch side lettering, I think it added too much, and the LEDs will take away from it anyways. Wrapping up the last paint job this Tue. Already finished the lighting effects. Then it's assembly on Wed and review video on Thur. Busy week ahead and I cannot wait to have this awesome case finished.
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