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  1. hey guy.. sorry for no update for over a month. had some things come up... anyway i need some help. after looking @ the PSU and not into the lack of space with the supernova 750. i went looking for what i had. i'm low on cash right now. i have a CM elite 550 and wanted to know if anyone had tried to desolder cables they didn't use. i see there are a few links in google but will this mod do anything negative to the PSU.
  2. Thank you bill. I'm near the end I think but I have been second-guessing myself And all the decisions that I have made for build. Yeah I love my CF hood and CF trunk. I would love to do a CF case or even a Woven Kevlar with CF accents
  3. Message him. Ask. Maybe he will make a set on request.
  4. It looks like it will work but... Till I have the GPU in I really won't know. I'm on hold till I get the last of my fittings maybe in a week or so I'll have 1st light.
  5. Hydro CNC. I wish I had a CNC router or even 3D printer. Friend of mine ones a industrial hydro CNC. Builds parts for oil field and what not. But yeah one day I'll get some fun tools like: CNC laser CNC router Atom 2.0 3D printer... *Crosses fingers*
  6. Ok I know what PSU i'm going to go with. As it stands the Supernova is just to long... Corsair has a RM550 That is 160mm long. For comparison the Supernova is 180mm. now that is only 2cm or 20mm difference, but in this case 1 inch might as well be a mile the added room will give me what i needed. So now i need to focus on the GPU compartment. Some fittings came in the mail today more Xspc g1/4 female to female and a Koolance 180-degree u connector for mounting the pump/rez in the GPU compartment. This is just a rough mock up. but it looks good. the 970 SSC is in my current Build and i wont pull it till i'm done with everything else...
  7. Well i don't think i'm ready for that... i need to figure out my PSU prob atm but yeah anyways thank you for the info
  8. Yeah i agree. Anodizing would look really good.
  9. What?!?! there is a competition for modding cases? oh man i hope you do place this will be a cool build for sure!
  10. here is some rad work on the new mounts ok so here you see i dont have any room with the 750 g2 looks like 3/4" not much to work with the 550 has a lot more room then the 750 but... more wires then i will ever use
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