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  1. Do you guys think that the 1700x is still the sweet spot I was reading an article on Puget systems site that said that the best CPU was the 7900x with its 10 Core Processor. I guess with the 1920 and 1950 being launched this week, do you think the AMD 12 core might be a more efficient option. I understand the price point will be a but higher but i really want to weigh the efficiency. Getting to the point in my life where time is money.
  2. Hey all. Looking to do an update for my video editing rig. Currently Running a 4770k on an Asus Maximus VI Impact. Mostly running GoPro Studio and Adobe Premier Pro. Was thinking of doing a completely different build in an old case and build up a 6800K or 6900K. But I am not about buying the latest and greatest Hardware, wife runs the budget. I am by no means a professional editor but am just getting frustrated with render time and encoding time with my computer. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  3. Sorry for not updating in awhile. I'm in the process of moving so things are pretty crazy. Needless to say. I picked up a 420 Alphacool monsta rad for the front of the case. Starting to piece together what I want the water-cooling loop to look like. Going to run my CPU off the front triple rad for starters. I decided that I am going to sell my triple monitor setup and go with the Oculus setup. I did the Steam test and It said that mine was excellent but i want to give it a shot before i drop the $600. Does anyone have a set that I could try out and see what it is like????
  4. Bill it is so nice to finally meet you, I have followed a couple of your builds without knowing you were building so close to me. Keep up the builds. Dumpstertech, it was nice meeting you last week. Still working on my home network solution, so far I'm going to do a modem, 7 port switch, wifi Router and maybe 2 access points to get the full coverage. Server integration will happen but we will see how the money comes. I am super excited for the build, I have been back and fourth on where to go next and I think that I am going to spend it networking the house as well as picking up some smaller pieces for the watercooling loop. So far I have picked up an Alphacool Monsta 420mm Radiator to mount up front. I am going to build up the CPU loop then once 980 ti's drop in price pick up a couple of those and add them on there own loop to fill some of the space in the case. Let me know if anyone has any water cooling components they would like to part with. This will be my first water-cooled build and want to start with soft tubing to make sure I have everything down before going to the hard stuff...
  5. First post on the mod zoo forum, Greg made me do it. I am working on building my Case labels SMA8 case with a 4770k chip in a Maximus IV Extreme motherboard. Running 16GB of vengeance memory and a single R9 290x GPU. All powered by a corsair 750 PSU. Let me know what you think of the build. Will post updates along the way. Building the computer to do CAD work as well as I would like to build an Oculis simulator for racing. Greg thinks 2x 980ti's will do the trick but we shall see. Will post pictures tomorrow.
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