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  1. I am working like a Madman on both, Dauntless is at the finish line and I will be handing it off to the wire Sleeving friend of mine.
  2. SLAVING!!! I was messing with the new white and blues 120mm fans for a half a day. trying get them to fit with the rear side placement and the Side Radiator mounting. Front View of the triple 120mm fans
  3. Here I am making a template for the SSD drives. I LOVE IT!
  4. I had to redo the SSD plexi panel because the center hole a little to big for the Temp LCD display.
  5. Sorry for the delay in updates, My First job is kicking my butt and they are short handed. Back to the updates ;) I didn't like the other layout of the cuts for the video card radiator cooling hoses in the white plexi panel. SO!!! i thought about it for a while and came up with this idea. Making a two piece panel with a hole in the middle that I can remove easier.
  6. Here I am testing the fitting on the Flow Indicator and the Swiftech MCP50X *Monsoon Hardline Economy Compression Fittings 6 Pack, 1/2" x 5/8" - Blue
  7. Testing the layout for the SSD ADATA Logo was rotated on the SSD
  8. Here I am testing making holes for the AIO cooling hoses for the XFX R9 295X2 Video Cards. I don't like them..... I will try making the cut from the back of the panel.
  9. After a few tries I got most of the Measurements down...
  10. I am using some 1/8" Blue Plexi to do a Test Fit for the panel location.
  11. All brackets were cut and sanded before I painted them and letting them dry.
  12. Here I am making test panel to measure what size I need.
  13. Sorry for the delay on reply's to this thread, its been busy working on two Corsair 900D at the same time. Back to the Dauntless Mods (Making brackets for the Panels)
  14. Here are a few pics of the upgraded PSU for this project.
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