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  1. You know what I mean Cheaps. Not one guy specifically but that whole 'thing'....
  2. Im B NEGATIVE and I approve this thread. Anyone with 'Modz' in their name should also be shot....
  3. Toby,do you really think anyone gives a Poopadilly about your rants? You are the kind of worthless arsehole that this 'site' was supposed to leave behind as part of some brave new mecca for modders. I no longer post here and this is a great example of why. Hypocrisy abounds here....You asked for EK kit,you got your EK kit then you attack EK and those sponsored by them? Those FB links were interesting reading...... Wow,you really are a class A turd... Kier,a great rig,not my cup of tea,but a great rig none the less.
  4. +1 For the money,you wont get anything better. Quite simply the best watercooling case for less than $300,its embarrassingly good.
  5. Thanks,thats the look im aiming for. Did some more pictures,trying various methods....Lowfat does awesome camera work,I want his skills so badly... Rads fitted and dressed up in lovely Bitspower! And some more ped shots.... And one of as it sits right now.
  6. Progress! Screen is now in place awaiting the brackets,all painted and looking rather spiffing. And the airbrush stencil has arrived! Stencil Warehouse turned these around in a day and were cheap,I recommend if anyone is looking for that kind of service. So the IO plate on the front needed to be Spectracoated too. And finally finished the storage mounts. Later today will be spent fitting the rads and fans in place and start looking at the tubing runs in the ped,the drain needs fitting thru the ped endpanel and I need to look at the wiring loom for the fans and the screen. ......I cant stop looking at the screen,it looks like it was made for it in that pedestal.
  7. As a Magoo owner minion,this saddens me greatly. I struggle with people but my dog,and no doubt yours,is irreplaceable. Its making me blurry eyed just thinking about it... :(
  8. You cant go wrong with Seasonic or Enermax. BeQuiet are also very good PSU's
  9. I would make an educated guess and say yes.
  10. I really wanted a few of these for my S3 but I went with Alpenfohn instead,the gaps between the blades are not conducive to static pressure and they were like hens teeth to get... As for GT's...well,they had a good run and Im sorry to see them go. Nidec will no doubt re-release them under their branding so its not all lost.
  11. My box from Bitspower has arrived! Many thanks to Lily and the Bitspower team. You cant talk about BP and not start with the fittings,these is what BP are famous for. Fittings...quantity: a heap. These are the fittings i will be using,not a vast variety but plenty of them! Now for the evergreen D5 top and mod kit,not much i can say about this...not much out there that can make a D5 look as great as this kit! And finally,the IMPACT full cover in all her glory! Now I can start plumbing in,just waiting for the mandrel kit from Monsoon to arrive,will be re-doing the 101's and I want to kill two birds with one stone by plumbing this up as an example.
  12. Some moar pics you say? Lets start with the fans. These are Alpenfohn 120mm WingBoost PWM fans. Specs. Size: 120x120x025mm Operating Voltage: 5 – 13,2 VDC Noise: 19,7 dB(A) Speed (12V): 1500 rpm Speed (7V): 850-900 rpm Speed (5V): 500 – 550 rpm Airflow:108 m³/h And in the box? 1 x 400mm sleeved cable extention 1 x 7 VDC adapter 1 x 5 VDC adapter 4 x rubber buckles for mounting Now,what I like about this is that they give you pretty much everything you need,5v and 7v step downs,rubber prong mounts if you like that kind of thing...a large braided extension as well,there is also a PWM daisy chain set up already on the fan,ideal for me as i want just one feed wire going to the aquaero for the rad banks. The braid itself is a an almost sexual rubber feeling braid...not the usual plastic strand braid that is commonplace. I wish they did a 140 version for the back panel tho.... Now to the other bit in the box.. The Aquaero USB high flow flowmeter. The usual AC box...battered with minimal protection inside... You can hook up a 2 pin temp probe to the flowmeter and it will report back via USB so thats another cable i wont have to braid! Bonuses all round then! You dont go short of cables thats for sure.... A clear light shot. And a little perv down the port,you can see the spinner inside. So my cunning plan is this,I am using a dual circuit rad and the 2 waterchannels will be bridged by the flow meter at the end of the loop. 2 90's and a 180 acrylic looparound and thats done. Its always the way,waiting on stuff to finish other stuff. Thanks to Nate at E22 for lazoring (pew pew) me a bezel for my screen,I made one myself but straight lines by hand with close reference points=never looks quite right...so after a few hours of filing,I caved in and got it done right. Cheap too,I will be using him for the res fabrication....once i have finished with it in Solidworks.....I cant stop fiddling with it! I also have 3 sponsors to add for this build,very exciting for me indeed! Thanks for the opportunity guys! Im stoked that you want to assist in this build!
  13. So I made my own 240 mounts,central to the ped rather than the offset CL ones,2mm Alu and a fretsaw= Win neh? Alpenfohn 120mm PWM fans are as quiet as a grave and lookers too! Specialtech have these in right now. If you had any doubts as to the accuracy of the MNPC rad templates..I think this says it all I started this build a bit back to front but its all coming together....
  14. It will do a poor job of both unless the fans still run with the block plumbed in...defeating the purpose in the first place. ASUS...give up and stick to one or the other.
  15. Nah,just waiting for some bits and bobs and its been flat out at work. As for my physio...Its all done now,only got 70% mobility but thats 50% more than they were expecting! I put mucho effort in to my physio and its paid off handsomely.
  16. I stopped using Dremels,they are not as good as proper hand tools....a fretsaw and a selection of good files are a better purchase.
  17. I will indeed be doing a review and updating the 101 showing their use. Geno did ask my opinion on diameters for his new tube and the new forming rod he is selling.
  18. I have that very kit coming from Monsoon,I will add to the acrylic 101 thread when they arrive. I know roughly what the are going for but im sworn to secrecy,safe to say they are not that expensive tho.
  19. Manually? 5mm maybe.....It will be hard work over this size.
  20. Yeah,once i got the blades cutting on the pull stroke it was golden,strangely the wood blades work better than the metal blades on Alu. Im converted to it now.
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