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  1. Awesome quick little job for the kids. Can't wait until my kids want to do something like this.
  2. Cool, thank you so much for the response. I appreciate it.
  3. Hey guys, quick question. I'm working on a project and I was thinking about running the Mayhems Ice White Pastel coolant. I see that it has corrosion inhibitors. But Would I still need to run a silver kill coil in it to keep anything from growing in it? Just curious before I order some and don't get one. Thanks for your time I appreciate it.
  4. I feel the need... The need, for speed.

  5. Very nice review Jeremy. But my biggest gripe with it, and a lot of cases with a similar design is why are the buttons and that on the front??? They put the USB 3.0 on the top why on earth would you not put the rest of the stuff up there also? That leaves a perfectly smooth canvas on the front of the case for modding and also makes for a very clean look for HTPC's and similar uses.
  6. Wow, I had forgotten about this thread. I had a great laugh looking at it. Thanks everyone who has posted.
  7. ZoPHaR

    Red Hawk

    I know it's not the most efficient setup. But what it came down to is that is what I wanted to do so I did it. The way I look at it is those people that want to complain about it and tell me it's a dumb idea don't have to live with it so they can piss off :D.
  8. ZoPHaR

    Red Hawk

    I won't know on actual temps until I can get it running and stress testing. But there is a good amount of air moving through the assembly.
  9. ZoPHaR

    Red Hawk

    I could have taken a better pic. All I had was my phone handy and it didn't want to focus. I did get it resealed though and it seems to be holding well. Started routing some wiring and took a pic with the side window all lit up. Stupid flash on my phone makes the red look orange. The colors actually match fairly well.
  10. ZoPHaR

    Red Hawk

    It fits fine the front panel isnt on the case, but the front panel on the reservoir is leaking. Since I've had this thing forever I'm sure Im out if warranty. So I'm just going to reseal it myself and be done with it. This is the 2nd plexiglass bay reservoir I've owned (the other was XSPC) and both have leaked. I will never get another one again.
  11. ZoPHaR

    Red Hawk

    Not a good start to the day.
  12. ZoPHaR

    Red Hawk

    I really like them. But they are hard to find now because the black chrome version is EOL. I believe the back plate is as well. You can still find the copper version though. Luckily Performance PC's supplier still had a couple black chrome blocks, and back plates in stock. Although I had to wait almost a month and a half to get them all. Thanks Bill. I'm just hoping that I don't have some of the problems with the X99 that others seem to be having. Thank you
  13. ZoPHaR

    Red Hawk

    Well, it's just over a year since the last post in this thread. And almost 2 years since I started this lol. But I'm finally on my way to finishing it. When EVGA launched their X99 motherboards they had a 9 days of X99 promotion. Well I was one of the lucky winners of a board and a 4x4GB DDR4 2400 set of ram. Well I wanted to go 3 way SLI and the board I won was the X99 micro. You can run 3 way, but since almost all or possibly all modern GPU's are dual slot you would need a PCI riser card to fit the 3rd GPU. I decided against this just for simplicity sake. So I sold the Micro and bought an X99 FTW. I also picked up a couple more GTX 760's to round out my 3 way SLI, and got some fancy black chrome Alphacool water blocks and back plates. Waiting on a couple more things from Performance PC's to get here, and hopefully I'll be up and running by Sunday. Can't wait to see this with stuff actually in it. Pic of the Micro board that I sold. And the Micro's replacement: Pretty shot of one GPU installed: Starting to run some tubing: Also still need to decide where my Mod Zoo Munky will go. Here's one idea, but the white LED's will go away: That's it for now. Thanks for looking.
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