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  1. That's certainly weird. Of the platidip spray I've used, I can't say I've had that happen. As for sanding it, I couldn't tell you what will happen. If it doesn't work out, I suppose you could just try again!
  2. That's the same thought that I had. I am using some paracord I picked up locally, couldn't beat it for the price. I'm really hoping that custom sleeving these cable will help clean up the rats nest of cables jammed under the shroud. That and the fact it should look gorgeous from the main compartment.
  3. I've watched those over and over trying to motivate myself. In fact, I ordered the supplies from his and his partners new web store. :) Now it's just playing the waiting game. Any advice with the SATA power cables? I picked up some of the straight crimp ends and the push in right angle type. Not sure which ones I want to use. I have an H440 (the one from the giveaway back in October actually) and the cables for my SSD's look out of place "piggy backed" with the stock cables. I may just run them individually to the PSU as I have five accessory plugs on it.
  4. Decided to try my hand at custom cables for my ZX850. Hopefully I got everything I need...spent about $160 in tools and supplies.
  5. Well, the title basically sums up my question. I'm looking at either sleeving my current PSU, a ZX-850W, or buying a new PSU with better looking cables (i.e. flat stock modular cables). I've had this power supply for about 3.5 years. I've tossed around the idea of sleeving it for some time now, and every time I start to do it again, I realise how much of a mess the pin out is on this thing! It is about as far away from a one-to-one pin out as you can get. Basically I'm looking at getting about a $150 in sleeving supplies or using that money towards a new PSU. And if you're wondering, I will eventually sleeve the new one if I get one. So if you're suggesting power supplies, keep in mind I'd like to find one that is better suited to make custom cables for. If anyone has any input or thoughts, please let me know. It's all appreciated!
  6. No problems. I still think the value adds for the Havoc make it stand out from the crowd. Wonder how many rads actually make use of that "louver" feature.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/w1mBVVrTpJjtmosDhC5UAbB3yJKhbdSL6fQNHms8IZg My XSPC RX V2 series rads have similar slits in the fins. I think there's been claims from XSPC that Mayhem is using some of their IP due to lax chinese patent laws. I couldn't say if it's intentional or not. I'd hope it isn't as I've always admired Mayhem.
  8. Definitely going full custom loop water cooling! Not to mention a good excuse to build a new rig for the house...can't have too many right? I would leave the interior white and repaint the outside black. Love that contrasting look. Would look good with a MSI gaming board as they have all black pcb and expansion/RAM slots. Then get some customization going on with the red heatsinks. So much to imagine!
  9. Yeah. Tossed the wallet on the table and grabbed a beer...modding is very stressful! :)
  10. Not sure what your asking. But I plan on repainting the entire rig. Will be a black and uv green theme. I have a PSU cover on the way from white light laser to match that theme. I'm also considering doing backlighting behind the res and motherboard areas. Not to mention hard line tubing and custom sleeved cables. So this is all the beginning.
  11. Cut a 24"x24" sheet of steel weld sheet I got at my local hardware store to fit the motherboard panel. aaaand with the motherboard set in place. Didn't think it turned out too bad considering I used a set of snips to cut it to size. With the help of a newly purchased punch and a 1/8" bit I got plenty of holes drilled to attach it to the tray. Here I got (what I would consider) a pretty successful test fitting. Now with a test fitment of the motherboard. Seemed to have plenty of clearance on the edges of the motherboard. Figured I'd have plenty to keep from shorting, but just to be sure... Decided while I had that in there to add some of my other components to get an idea of spacial arrangements and mounting possibilities. I'm considering putting the 240 rad inlet/outlet at the top...but not sure yet. Special thanks to Captain Curry Sauce for the encouragement to get this project going!
  12. Recently decided that it was time to make my Switch into something a little more special than it already was. I have a few ideas that I'm mulling around, but decided that since this wasn't a precisely themed build I'd just see what I could do on the fly. First off, let's get those rivets out of there! Motherboard tray removed. Now time to make a custom blanking plate to give it a nice and clean look.
  13. I just ran across this video review that I thought you might find interesting. However, it doesn't appear to display flow reading. But I did see the lamptron CW611 which offer 6 x 36 watt channels each separately configurable to control fans, pumps, or flow readout. Sounds like that's more what you're looking for. Maybe you've already ran across it.
  14. If this is made for multiple configurations from single to multi-gpu then there must be some type of quick disconnect system.
  15. spidey81

    UV Lighting

    Appreciate it. Hope to be putting one to use in my Switch once I get it properly modded. Planning to have some pics and build log up soon as well.
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