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  1. @ arbywan, that picture is sweet! i thought i had found all his armors, but hadn't seen that one. If i get time, I want to add in some striping like the paladium poisoning on his chest and neck from the 2nd movie. but, i don't know if i'll get around to that anytime soon... we'll see. gonna knock out the acrylic first.
  2. wow! i've been waiting to catch up on this one... gorgeous! I was at nellis afb last week and stumbled across some old school style metal signs with vintage bomber pin ups and instantly thought of this build and couldn't wait to get home. This thing is insane!
  3. Thanks for all the comments guys!! Sorry, have been on a work trip the past few weeks. i'll try to get acrylic panel etched this week if I have time. @ noobnerd, lol, i was just looking at aesthetics and not paying attention when i was putting it together. was hoping no one would see that. I've switched the front ones around so it's kicking air out the front and still looks nice on the inside.
  4. Ok, I finally found the stencils I drew up for the etching. moving sucks! I'm leaving for a work trip on sunday and have a bunch of school work to do, so it's not going to get done this weekend. I think i'll take a couple days off when i get back and knock out the etching. I will, however, take some hi-res pics before i hop on the jet.
  5. you don't need to invest 10 mill... maybe 3. if it was me, i'd have to find a new niche in the market, or one that someone wasn't doing properly. If i were someone like bill, who already has that niche, then you just make it more accessible and expand on your products. this is a hard one because there's a few companies out there that are sort of doing things like this... honestly, i would probably steer clear of cases for a little bit because i think phanteks hit the nail on the head with their latest case. that thing is glorious. I would probably go with a nice CNC machine, lathe, and laser cutter and do custom work for people and build cases on the side. although i would be competing with bill... and would probably lose at it lol
  6. nice, you went with the evga bridge. i was thinking about picking one of those up. looks pretty sweet! and it looks like the hydrocoppers were worth the wait!
  7. there's tons of online tutorials to mod antennas to get better signal. i don't know the whole layout here (like is her wifi router getting a wifi signal from the RV office, or is wired in to something that is getting the signal). basically, you can change the antenna types to be less omnidirectional and focus on where the wifi signal is coming from.
  8. ewww, i see what you mean on the LED... that's a bummer, because the contrast on all your stuff is really sharp, so that might stick out. you going to try to get a different led strip?
  9. jesse, looks like i've missed a few posts... I can't remember if you have a monster rad in this baby or what... but the monsters are actually pretty deceiving they have a lot of space between the folds and the mounts and don't cool much more from a 60mm rad from what i remember on skinnee labs. 45mm rads aren't that bad either.... so i'm not sure, but two rads might be better, even if you had to drop the thickness a little. besides, 2 rads looks pretty daayumn sexy. This build is money so far, so i'm sure whatever you go with is going to look good.
  10. i feel you on saving time and effort. I ordered some heatkiller backplates, but they don't play well with the ekwb 780 blocks, i would have had to use have the scews and cut them all short. I had the cards in there by that point, and I felt the benefits didn't outweigh the pain of going through with that... especially when i wanted to be gaming pronto lol
  11. those things weren't around when i built my first watercooled pc, and everything i've read about them has steered me clear of them. they just don't match custom loops and are about as good as maximizing air flow (from everything I've read). maybe some sound reduction, but if you're going for cooling power...
  12. he could run 2 rads, and stick one in the loop between gpu and cpu (or vice versa, depending on which way he wants to run it). that way it gets a little cooldown before sucking up some more heat. that's the config i went with this time and am noticing awesomely low temps with a decent overclock on both.
  13. I was going to raid a set of 6gb ssds, but when i started reading more, i decided against it, and just have 2 ssds in my machine and will use my network drive for all my other storage stuff. from what i read, the biggest problem with ssds in raid is that you lose trim support in most cases. it seems like they're starting to iron that out though, so as long as you get the right drives and board it should be fine. i used to run 2 15k drives in raid0, but a single ssd was slightly faster in my experience. now, i'm using a samsung 840 and it's fast.
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