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  1. Mine: In progress, but near the end of the second stage of things. Think i might play around with the tubing more and clean the cables up before the 21st of nov :)/> Thinking of a huge side mounted rad for the 3rd stage, seems like i have the space :)/>
  2. heh i watched that movie quite recently. Though being a software programmer myself, it was pretty silly :lol:/> Will be interesting how you hook up the LED's, maybe some arduino action for a complex light show? let the simulation begin!
  3. so hardcore! Being in the VW car scene myself, i love seeing cars with a smoothed engine bay!
  4. Stage 2 Fast forward two months ago, i discovered a leak in a cheap phoyba fitting, which meant i had to strip down the loop. Took the opportunity to upgrade while i was at it, switching over from my aging Q9550 to a new ivy bridge i5 3570k for some 4ghz + action. Being a P180B, it was notoriously hard to watercool. I hacked alot of the front up in the first stage to get the RX240 to fit, and there wasnt enough room at the top to put another radiator in (Bloody ODD requirement). I really wanted additional cooling capacity, as the RX240 was very average in cooling performance. Additionally i wanted a more quieter pump so the EK DCP4.0 had to go in favour for a DCP655 :D/> So the solution i thought of was to mount the radiator in the floor. Test fit before putting it back together: Stripped the entire case down again, and cut everything to fit and sprayed it again while i was at it. After around about a month of spraying and fitting, everything was back together again and ready for the prime time: Right now i am awaiting a replacement fan controller, which will be mounted onto front, on the right of the front radiator. When the new fan controller is in, ill be making the cables cleaner, and then taking proper shots :)/> AMD2400.
  5. Stage 1: It all started with a plain black P180 case i always wanted. Liked the look and it suited my 'Silent' pc style which i wanted to achieve with every build. I experimented with huge heatsinks in the past, but with the graphics card aftermaket cooling market pretty much dead in autralia, i turned my attention to water-cooling. My initial plan: I really wanted to give the internals some more protection and a better look, so i decided to spray it all black: Alot of the time was spent on stripping and prepping the panels, with a plastic modelling background, i knew it was key in getting the best possible finish. Towards the end of 2011, everything started comming together: And then finally everything put together and ready to go: I ran with this setup for a good 8 months and it ran beautifully. The pump (EK DCP4.0) was alot on the loud side, so i dreamt up better plans for this case.
  6. Aye guys, Found this forum through the mod zoo facebook page and thought i should share my pride and job on this forum. How it is at the moment: It is a Antec P180B with dual internal 240mm radiators. One front mounted RX240 and another middle mounted Blackice GTS240 with a MCP655 pump and various blocks. Alot of thought went into everything, and although it doesent look like much, in my mind i have achieved perfect form and function. Its cramped if you think about it, but it runs well. This project is ongoing, currently in its second stage, with a third stage planned when i have time again.
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