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Found 4 results

  1. Intro: This is going to be my third major build. The first was a water cooled AMD powered machine in a 750D with a black and red theme. My second build carried the same theme of black and red into a 900D powered by a 4770k. Being my third build I wanted to pull out all the stops on this build. The build be a custom desk build. I love the crossdesk but the price and availability prevented me from going that route. So I decided that I would build the desk from scratch. Being in the military I decided I wanted to do a military theme build but not one with ACU or Multi-Cam pattern but one that was more focused on the special operations side of the house. Me personally am not in that community but I have a lot of respect for those that are. Parts: - Intel i7 4770k - Asus maximums VI formula - Evga GTX 780 classified - 16gb G.Skill 2133mhz ram - Corsair AX760 - 2x Intel 120gb ssds - Seagate 500gb hard drive - Windows 8.1 Cooling: - 14x Corsair SP120 quite edition - 6x Corsair AF120 quite edition - EK GTX 780 Classified water block - EK Supremacy CPU water block - 2x Swiftech MC655 pumps - 2x XSPC EX480 radiators - 2x XSPC EX360 radiators - Rocket Science Fittings - Copper piping - 2x Reservoirs (undecided on size yet)
  2. Well to start of this is my first build log i have ever posted on any forum. So to start off i would like the chance to say Hello to all the members here @ The Mod Zoo. My name is Graeme. I have been messing around with PC`s for as long as i can imagine, As a hobby i create 3d content in After effects and Cinema 4d and a few other 3d programs 3d max / Realflow / photoshop etc. This project started a while ago and has changed a few times. It was more of an experiment ( Case Mod) more than a full blown build. No parts for this at the moment. But anyways lets just see how it goes. This is a small old case that has been laying around. Please feel free to comment .
  3. Greetings! So I have had a mac and pc side by side for the last 10+ years. My Dell decided to die again a few months ago, so i thought it was time to get new. I started shopping for a boxed PC and immediately noticed that the specs i need to do my Video, Audio, 3D and multimedia freelance stuff.. was way out of my budget. If i am dropping 3k+/- for a pc, i might as well get a mac and run bootcamp on it. So over the last few weeks, ive watched 100s of YT vids, dozens of blogs and review sites, to come up with what i need, and to stay under budget. This is what i went and bought last week from Microcenter, i wanted to stay under 1500 for hardware (i know OS and Virusware is another 150-200). The first thing everyone asks is if theres a theme. I decided to go with one of my favorite 8bit games, Double Dragon: Clean, Military-ish, RED/BLUE effects...etc... I decided on the following gear: $118 ($98 w/ 20 rebate) Corsair Vengeance c70 Black $280 Intel i7-4790k $120 (180 w/ 60 off for bundle) Gigabyte GA-797X-Gaming 7 $180 (175 w/ 5 off coupon) Crucial Ballistix Elite 16gb DDR3 $Free EVGA Geforce GTX 680 4gb (My work ordered a bunch of these 2 years ago, and during an e-cycle sweep last week, this ended up in the trash... still in box. YOINK!!!) $140 Samsung SSD 250gb $80 2x Seagate TB 7200rpm $10 5x Cooler Master Fans $72 (80 w/8 off due to competitor lower price) Asus PCE-AC56 Wifi Card $60 Asus 16 Dvd-RW/ BD reader $80 Corsair H75 CPU Cooler $90 Corsair CX750m Power Brick $109 Creative Labs Zx w/ breakout desktop box $31 Texas Instrument Firewire PCIe card $19 Corsair c70 Replacement Window by Mnpctech.com I am really excited about my first build, and Ive been lurking these forums for weeks now and respect a lot of your opinions and ideas. So i just ask that you be kind and patient with my n00b status, and if you see something i can be doing or buying to make my rig better, please comment. I will be starting this build tomorrow, and taking my time through the weekend to do it right. So my first question, is this a good build? Should I have chosen a better part for the job?
  4. Hi guys, Just a LITTLE build ive been doing, take a small case in fill it BIG Take a Matx case add a couple of these and you have the start of some crazy ideas for modding so strip the case make a frame so this is how it looks then start adding stuff so you get the idea
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