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Found 9 results

  1. . So I have been going back and forth on what kind of desk to build. I wanted something thin and sleek but also wanted something that would house a watercooled build. I also wanted to do something with RGB lighting (seeing as this is the new craze). I have done some stuff with individually programmable LEDs in the past and wanted to incorporate this into my build using an arduino. I started a desk build a couple weeks ago, got about a quarter the way through it and decided I didn't like how it was coming. It was made of wood and once together and partially painted, did not look like I wanted it to. I then decided to do a render, plan everything exactly, and then build it. I wanted something that hadn't quite been done before. I wanted a shape, design, and setup that was different than everyone else. I believe with what I have planned, this will be so! I have done some custom builds in the past, including another desk, but nothing quite like this one. It is completely from scratch and all made by me. CPU - i7 7800X Motherboard - Aorus X299 Gaming 7 Ram - 3000Mhz RGB Trident Z MSI 1070 Seahawk EK - Will remove the dragon and replace with different design Custom mounted in the desk, not sure it's been done before 32gb RGB Ram - Trident Z RGB Zotac 480gb PCIe SSD - RGB lit, will be custom mounted 2x500gb SSD for games - Brand TBD (Maybe M2) 5tb WD media drive Alphacool 240mm UT60 Hardware Labs 360mm DDC with EK Plexitop EK Evo Supremacy - Nickel EK X3 250ml Res Barrow 12mm Multi Link Fittings Alphacool 90s RGB party lighting - Some cable mod RGB/UV and some adafruit fully programmable LEDsAll watercooling and hardware black and nickel or plexi and nickel - No copperUV CoolantNickel or clear rigid tubing - Maybe!? Spartans FTW! Tossing around ideas for custom mounted temp displays inside the desk. Please note that the plan is to sidemount the GPU and build a plexi shelf to mount it to. I tried making it in sketchup but it wouldnt come out right. This is only thing that will be different. The spartan head and the 3 lines will be all RGB lighting. The max thickness I plan on it being is about 6 1/2" tall.
  2. Hey there fellow modders, Let me first introduce myself quickly as I haven't posted anything so far. So I am 16 years old and have been into PCs for about 3 years now. Since the start I always loved to customize my PC and so even my first ever PC was modded. Since then I moved on to a completely custom hybrid 3D printed case as there was nothing that was right for me on the market. This is what I am using right now but from the beginning on I always admired the beautiful desk PCs all over the internet. Now I finally pulled the trigger and got started on my own desk PC. So I will be covering the entire build process here and I will also be making some videos about it for my YT channel (Datulab Tech). I am also form Switzerland so English isn't my primary language so excuse my faults. But now enough talking, let's get straight to the plan. In order to visualize how this thing will look like and to determine what I need to buy, I first made a 3D model in Cinema4D which looks something like this: This is only a rough plan so the end product won't look exactly like this. The two drawer units you can se on either side are Ikea Alex drawers where I will be cutting out the bottom drawer to make it short enough. I know it is a bit like cheating but I already have the drawers from my previous setup and this will save me lot's of time. The wooden parts you can see will be reclaimed wood as I really love the look of it. But to give it some structure I will be building a solid MDF frame as the basis and only attach the reclaimed wood to it. The white parts will also be MDF that is painted. The reason that I am choosing MDF is that it is cheap, easy to work with and relatively strong. As you can see there are two glass pieces on either side and that is where the PC will be underneath. The reason that I have those off to the side is that I don't really like when you have to put your keyboard and mouse pad over the beautiful PC that you just built. So I put it off to the side and get some more legroom as well which is important to me as I have extremely long legs. So with the model all done I went to the local hardware store and got the MDF. For the structural panels I chose 19mm and for the rest 10mm. This gives me a nice balance between weight and strength. I was also able to order the glass form there but it will take 3 weeks until it is ready. But got damn is glass expensive, 100$ for a 70x70x0.6cm sheet
  3. Hieello! So I'm very new to this forum and just got in to some pc case modding. This project that I've just started is my first ever custom pc desk that I'm making so i thought I would share it with you guys. I've documented alot of the progress so far so I will add some pictures as the project is progressing. I will also mention that this is kind of a budget build since my plans at the moment are that I will put my current pc in this desk wich includes the following parts: Intel i5 6500 Z170 MOBO 240mm A-I-O cooling 16gb 3000mhz ram GTX 1070 650watt psu This is something that I hopefully will be available to update pretty soon since a pc-desk is not really complete without a custom water cooling loop. But for the moment there is just not enough €€/$$. I've named the desk B-2 Stealth since i think that the shape of the desk reminds me alot of the B-2 stealth bomber jet so nothing more fancy or cheesy just a shape thingy! :p So hope you enjoy what i have done so far and i will keep you posted. CHEERS
  4. Hello all! I've been gone a while but I'm back and I'm looking to clean house so I can focus on finishing some of my current projects (before the baby comes ;) ). I am selling my RedHarbinger Cross Desk prototype. I designed the RedHarbinger Cross desk and I've been using this prototype for a long time now. This is the first prototype desk made and as such has some minor issues but is otherwise in good condition and has a lot of extra parts to go along with it. Features: Dual or Single motherboard support 2x 360/ 2x 480 radiator support 4x 5.25" optical bays 10x 3.5" drive bays Pics are old and don't show the completed desk. I will post updated pics as soon as I can. (Comes with glass top, not pictured) Asking $400 (+shipping) Will include the 14x NZXT 120mm fans if you want them.
  5. Intro: This is going to be my third major build. The first was a water cooled AMD powered machine in a 750D with a black and red theme. My second build carried the same theme of black and red into a 900D powered by a 4770k. Being my third build I wanted to pull out all the stops on this build. The build be a custom desk build. I love the crossdesk but the price and availability prevented me from going that route. So I decided that I would build the desk from scratch. Being in the military I decided I wanted to do a military theme build but not one with ACU or Multi-Cam pattern but one that was more focused on the special operations side of the house. Me personally am not in that community but I have a lot of respect for those that are. Parts: - Intel i7 4770k - Asus maximums VI formula - Evga GTX 780 classified - 16gb G.Skill 2133mhz ram - Corsair AX760 - 2x Intel 120gb ssds - Seagate 500gb hard drive - Windows 8.1 Cooling: - 14x Corsair SP120 quite edition - 6x Corsair AF120 quite edition - EK GTX 780 Classified water block - EK Supremacy CPU water block - 2x Swiftech MC655 pumps - 2x XSPC EX480 radiators - 2x XSPC EX360 radiators - Rocket Science Fittings - Copper piping - 2x Reservoirs (undecided on size yet)
  6. Hi All crazy and pro modders, I would like to show my first project to everyone, I have seen many awesome DeskMod builds on the internet and forums, However I wanted to build something very special for my office. I want people to be able to see it from all sides. Also, wanted proper cable management done specially at the back side of the table as that's what people see when the enter my work-space. Specification: CPU: AMD FX-8350 CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series™ H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler CPU Cooler FAN: CoolerMaster XtraFlo 120 Red LED Motherboard: Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 GPU: SAPPHIRE HD 7950 3GB GDDR5 RAM: G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 SSD: Intel® SSD 330 Series (60GB, SATA 6Gb/s) HDD: WD Green 1TB Optical Drive: LG 24x DVD RW± PSU: Corsair VS650W Keyboard: Logitech Internet Pro Y-SZ4 Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Black MousePad: Razer Goliathus Small Control Monitor: Benq 24 inch Full HD Monitor G2412HD and SONY 32 inch Full HD BRAVIA NX520 LCD TV Modding: Deepcool Rockmaster 3.0 Fan Controller Modding: NZXT HUE RGB LED Controller Modding: Deepcool XFan Red LED 120mm Sponsors: Waiting.. It's time for some photos! I regret for the low quality phone photo’s.. they were taken for build log inside my house. Please check my build and let me know your thoughts on the same. Looking forward for feedback and suggestions.
  7. Welcome to the log for my desk scratch build! I have been tinkering with making cases and have went through multiple different mods and such, but ultimately, am not satisfied. My build is sitting inside a half constructed 750D that I was modifying. I already have a concept in mind for this build, and while it may change some, the finished product will be very close to the current concept. First things first, specs of build are as followed: Motherboard: MSI X99S Plus CPU: i7 5820k RAM: 16gb Crucial Ballistix 2400Mhz (Will upgrade to 32gb as build progresses) Video: XFX R9 290 (Will eventually have two) PSU: EVGA 1000W G2 SSD: Corsair Force 120gb, Sandisk V300 (Will probably change, but plan on making custom enclosures) HDD: WD Black 1tb 7200 RPM Swiftech Apogee HD White Edition Swiftech MCP35X with EK Plexi Top EK X3 400ml Reservoir with White Caps Swiftech Komodo R9 29X Series Block EK XTX 360mm Rad Hardware Labs Black Ice 240mm Corsair SP120 Fans Yate Loon Fans Concept Dimensions L:4' W: 2' H: 7" These dimensions do not include the legs, I have not decided exactly how I want to do these yet. Color Scheme White Gray (different Shades) Black Concept I want a minimal desk with my x99 build inside of it. I don't want, or need a huge desk in my computer room. I plan on getting a 29-32" ultrawide monitor, so the desk doesn't need to have room for a triple monitor setup. I also am not a huge fan of lots of crazy designs and multiple different colors. This build will strive to be as minimal as possible (As far as design, colors) however, functionality will not be :) All Concept art, links, index will be in the post following this one.
  8. For those of you that have followed the trend when it comes to desk integrated PCs, Lian-Li's DK01 prototype has received some updates since it was first revealed. You can go to their Blog posting link below to see more photos and post additional feedback directly back to Lian-Li: http://www.lian-li.com/lianliblog/dk01-desk-chassis-update/ Some of the cooler updates: It's all black, comes in two widths, has 360mm radiator support and individually removable hard drive bays. Another feature you'll notice (when you look at the additional photos) is that the motherboard chassis area is on drawer slides so you can pull it out and service it. They are working towards a finalized version at some point and it should be interesting to see how this finally ends up. At this rate, I'm actually thinking this could be a pretty darn cool setup to take and mod further (because that's what we do right?) Enjoy
  9. Hello, as my first post on the mod zoo, I would like to showcase all of my case designs, the one thing is that you need sketchup to view them, Some have been failed attempts, and others have succeeded. The link is here. The Files are in a .rar folder, so just open them.
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