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Found 3 results

  1. *DISCLAIMER* The HAF XB was put on hold for now. The build has been switched to a 600T with a much more liberal approach to Iron Man... Hey guys, I haven't been around on the ModZoo for too long, but have been building computers and doing progressively extreme stuff with them as time has passed. (sure most of you can relate)... Anyways, so I wanted to do an Ironman Build, and after seeing the Green Machine, I was sold on the HAF XB. First off the way this build is going to go is I'm gathering parts little by little until mid June, then it's on like Donkey Kong. I've been talking about this here and there in other threads but haven't had enough parts together to really give you guys any eye candy... well, the time has come. Unlike Brian's Green Machine, I'm switching up a lot of stuff and am doing a lot more work to the grill/front. I am going to take some of his ideas in the underside and ditch the drive bays and a few other things. My color scheme, and I'll need a couple opinions throughout this, is going to be red and gold. I ordered some anodized red thumb screws, and since I was thinking about putting copper pipping in this, I ordered one set of the bitspower SLI fitting for a color check to see if I liked them compared to online. I was a little disappointed. Anyways, let me get started with some pics. I'm still waiting for more stuff to come in before I start cutting and doing anything I'll wish I hadn't. So here's the case before I got crazy... Then I took it all apart and start measuring... Then I took 3 120mm fans and made sure they would fit in between the case and the shroud, and it was a pretty fit. Then I took the alphacool st30 and 3x 120 mm fans and layed them out to see what type of room I was dealing with... nice tight fit. I have a couple surprises for that middle fan later... Ok, so the St30 looks like it will fit perfectly after I cut out some breathing room and make a mounting system for it all, But it looks like it's only going to take a piece of acrylic to get the job done. Now... for a taste of what's to come. I have a EK 360 XTX rad that's going in the bottom, but first I need to overhaul the whole front end and make it look more... IronMan-ish... here's a pic of where I'm headed with that.... Thanks Bill for that awesome center piece!! with this, I'm going to have to relocate the power/reset switch, usb3 ports, etc. my main goal is to ditch the drive bays as well, since the XTX will be sitting right behind there anyways. Gotta talk to some local aluminum and acrylic vendors/specialists to see if I can get someone to work with me. oh yeah! color scheme! I really like the anodized thumbscrews, but think the bitspower sli links are too dark... how much you think it would be to anodize the case in red? I really wanted to do copper pipes in this one though... Anyways, That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed, and happy modding!! -Nate
  2. I think it's damn near impossible to visit a tech site lately and not see a mention of the Steam Machine. It has yet to be see how Valve's attempts to break down the barrier between console and computer will fair, but the (Steam) machine they're putting out to do the job is a decent piece of engineering. iFixit had the opportunity to dissect one of the beta machines and the break down caught my eye. Crammed in is a mITX motherboard, an i5-4570 and a GTX 780 via hard riser card in about as small a space as you can fit all that stuff. The cowlings (air duct fixtures for the GPU and CPU) were especially interesting to me and I'd love to see the temps on this thing after stress testing purely out of curiosity. Link the article on iFixit with a lot of great pics
  3. Hello everyone! now it's time for me to share the worklog of my latest build. The Titanium S. This is a collaboration work with my friend Ejay Bosquit where he is my first client. He really requested that I should build him a special modded rig and since he agreed that I will void every warranty of the parts that he will buy and I'm the one who will be deciding the entire look of the build, so I said "Yes! Let's build it." I let Ejay choose which hardware he will buy and use for this build since he has the budget to do so and basically he is the financer of this build. And on the modding and design part, that would be my responsibility. So let's start. First, I wanted to create a new Flagship for my Titanium family. And this will be perfect. It has no theme like the Titanium, just pure freedom. But this time it will be better. Better 90degree motherboard tray conversion, unique color theme, better layout and sexier look. That's why I called it Titanium "S". Because for some reason it's Special, Sporty, Sexy and and it's about Speed. Spec List: Rampage IV Extreme (in Black) Intel Core i7 3970X Cooler Master Cosmos II Corsair 16Gb 2400MHz DDR3 EK Waterblocks 2x Aqua Computer AirPlex 420 Radiators with Corsair AF140 4x GTX780 Reference with EKWB EVGA Supernova 1500w PSU Samsung 840 PRO 250GB in RAID0 Custom Copper Tubes (yes, that is copper tubing!) Rotated motherboard mounting Relocated PSU mounting FTW sleeving So let's start modding!!!
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