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How do i make a psu cover for my 1st mod?

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Hi! i am a new guy in the modding community and i am about to start my 1st mod ever!!! i have made a rough sketch of what i think it will look like but i have a problem, how do i make a psu cover? 

i want it to be shiny and waht is the best material and how do i make the bends and stuff?


here is a skiss of what i have made (Mad paint skillz)



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hi there im new here too

sweet design idea there dude.

above poster is correct..

acrylic/perspex white sheet is going to be the easiest ever...

things youll need ( & some tips):

1: measure the area/space thoroughly to determin the actual size of the end product..

L *W * D

youll definitely benefit buying a nice full sized sheet of acrylic of 3*3m or 2*2m sheet..

2: keep the protective film on as long as possable till the end..

youll need a good flat surface to work on and definitely either a few nice 45° & 90° angled metal pieces to keep the piece in the shape when bending or some wood blocks..

3: heatgun is prefered over hairdryer

you dont want anyone angry at you for toasting the hairdryer..

keep it a fair distance away from the piece while bending say 10cm to 20cm for minimum otherwise it can melt and burn marks are nasty to get out. be sure to constantly check your measurements and test fit it..

4:jigsaw if any cuts are needed with a nice fine cutting blade ..like a 25 bi metal..very fine and cuts acrylic like butter..i just baught two blades this week..cuts metal too very nice with very little burs to clean up.

5: most important...make a template from paper or hard paper or from a carton/box before working on actual piece..it safes time and money..

6: bending tip..

if youre doing a perfect 90/45° bend..

work on a table/work surface were the edge is very broad..this way when aiming the heat on the marked out spot/bend itll simply fold down on its own taking shape in the desired angle...

be cautious and very fast..the acrylic cools of very quickly..be sure to move back & forth..distributing heat evenly..once its taken shape grab a big feces generator wood block..thats preferbly 80-200% perfectly smooth..and level..now you can either quickly flip the piece over and press on the angled edge while its still hot *itll cool off and harden in 10sec flat* press the block/blocks firmly and hold it till the bend is as sqaure as can be..do not let go or press to hard..it can snap..

wait for a minute then release pressure slowly..youll now have your bend...

you can bend and shape acrylic into anything as long as you take your time..

another option is cutting all the pieces perfectly to desired w*l * d

then bond the pieces together with acrylic bond..this gives a good perfecr sqaure angle 99% of the time..

2nd material option would be to use metal sheets: 2-5mm thick steel or better stainless steel..and bend that into shape..

hope you get it right...

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Gday Newbie Modder


Your PSU cover idea looks cool so I thought I would chime in and give my perspective on how best to create it.


I have tried the bending method and the gluing method and I can say without a doubt unless you make some sort of Jig for the bend and take your time, it will more than likely not be as clean as you will want it (well for me it wasn't) or if you go over overboard with the heat it may harm the plexi. I used glue in my mod for the wife (still in progress :-( ) and I found while it didn't get a rounded edge it looked clean and was easy to do.




This is with a little bit of overhang that I later smoothed out


I just bought the Glue from eBay and away I went :)

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hey bro..ive got a quick solution for you for the first part..the bottom section which is the biggest part..i was spitballing ideas in my head for this..

if you have or can get one of those very ol pc cases were the outer shell (the top + sides are 1solid piece)

you just cut it in such a way that you get the bottom part perfectly..very quick and easy..

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Hey cheap..yes truely a quick solution..and extremely durable..those old timers were made of some pretty thick steel in their days..

Ive had 2-3 of these just collecting dust for over a year now..this idea came up whilst seeking inspiration..im still stoked about a mobo tray..anyhoot..

Op..hope to see that design your doing step for step..i think this is goin to be awsome..

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