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this is my mod of a Silverstone TJ07 case the computer is called sabertooth. The motherboard is a Asus sabertooth x58 witch is getting a bit long in the tooth excuse the pun. xspc water block on the processor and some custom ones adapted by me. the graphics cards are r9 290x with ek water blocks on and back plates. there is a 480 rad cooling the graphics cards and a 280 cooling the mb and processor with 8 fans on the rads in a push pull config  Apart from the overkill rings on the front and the fans most of the other parts are second-hand or reused off my old system. The case is painted with candy apple red with metal flake the inside is metallic black with holographic metal flake.


1_zpspqhv76fx.jpg3_zpsmgzgjmap.jpgthe first thing i did was to invert motherboard holding plate


DSCN2053_zpson6sgfb7.jpgthen i put the hd rack from my old computer in


i put aluminium plate in the front and cut the holes for the fans and overkill rings

DSCN2062_zpsjzmbp43n.jpgIMG_20150125_154040677_zpscdxmq0qy.jpgIMG_20150125_154110581_zpsd33tt5yg.jpgDSCN2067_zpskwglckuf.jpgtrying find where i was going to put the water pumps


the motherboard water blocks i have used old ones of ebay and made copper bottom to suit motherboard


then came the painting because of the case is aluminium it needed etch primer then filler primer two coats of metallic silver then four coats candy apple red two coats of metal flake four of lacquer

IMG_20150517_093759323_zpsglbipocf.jpgIMG_20150517_093748054_zpsftdgmbhf.jpgIMG_20150517_093805817_zpspka8vqmp.jpgDSCN2092_zps1lwu09ra.jpgDSCN2098_1_zpsg77eaias.jpgIMG_20150601_132155855_HDR_zpsh0pf2p6k.j  this is the finished computer


thanks for the help from the people at Mnpctech post this

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