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This Is a corporative Build By Mike - Onevoicewild  and Sam - Do Until Loopy
My original plan was to build a large case, I felt so cramped in my 800D. Dx  I can see Confusis rolling
his eyes now :o Actually I have a thing for big cases and big fans.  Originally I was looking at a Lian Li
PC-D8000 with a heavily modified front fascia and interior.  This is only important because it will  probably determine some of the components that will be used on the Metallica build as two special grills were ordered and paid for before we switched to the Corsair case.
Now anyone with any common sense would Mod a case that they could actually get!  Lack of common sense has never stopped me before, besides modding Imaginary cases is funner - Ya right
Mod your own PC with supplies from Mnpctech!




Mnpctech also offers 240mm version of the Overkill Nautilus grill,
Mnpctech also offers 360mm version of the Overkill Open Ring grill, 
I want to give a special thanks to MNPCTECH for making some Very special OverKill grills for this build.
The plan is to use two 200mm fans and Nautilus grills on the front and a quad ring Overkill grill in the side.  To my knowledge this is the first time that Bill has made a 200mm Nautilus or a quad ring grill.  I'll get this out of the way now, I am an MNPCTECH fan boy!  What can I say I dig this stuff.
The Mod Zoo had a new member at that time named Do Until Loopy actual name is Sam in the UK.  He had posted to do free 3D rendering so he could get practice on Solid works software.  After several days of no one jumping on it I contacted him.  After talking we decided to look into doing a render from my basic ideas on the upcoming Corsair 900D.  In my naïve view of what this was, I thought he would build a box and stick a couple of grills on it so I could see what it looked like.  Wow did I underestimate what Sam could do.  He basically built the whole computer, inside and out Including the parts.  Most of you have seen some of the pictures.  What went on behind the scene was 100 messages sorting out some of my crazy Ideas, a friendship built and my amazement at how much work Sam put into this for someone he didn't even Know. Sam has my total respect.
The only thing I can do to pay Sam back it to build our Brain child.  Ohh God I gotta build this thing!
Sam's brain works like a physician with exact precision, I'm more like a lumber jack with an Ax and a Chain Saw, mixed with the stubbornness of a bull.  I do most of my work by hand, Not because it's some sort of higher Art form! That is a bunch of bull. I just have to balance the costs of what new tools I can afford and still be able to buy Parts to use them on, Plus right now I have more time than money.  
Now lets Get to the good part and let Sam show you some of the renderings and then I'll fill in on the current progress on our Imaginary case.

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Both Sam And I will Be Posting as progress on Renderings and the case progress. So check back occasionally because the renderings will be updated almost daily as each component is built.    




Heavy Metal version.







Standard version





Render of my Sound Blaster Card. It looks better than the real thing! ohh that's dust.







While waiting for Corsair to get some Cases on the shelves, I started to work on the Metallica emblem for the top front of the case. The first item I made has been come to be known as the Spiky thing, which Sam noticed is actually the M in Metallica put end to end. I cut this out of aluminum with my new Jiggy. 





I cut out the interior design using a rotary tool and a lot of filing. I beveled all the edges which actually made it easier to square up the cuts.  




Again I have to thank Modding Boy ( Gymkhana ) And the Mod Zoo pod cast for inspiring me to try to make more intricate designs in my fabrications. I used to think everyone was cutting all their pieces out on machines, But a lot can be done with simple tools and a little time.  One of the nice things about being an amateur modder is that time is not factored in the same way a professional has to maximize their time! while I'm thanking People. E.E.L. Ambience  and Bill I think made a video on rusting techniques that helped me with the coloring I was trying to achieve on the spiky thing.  










I am more mechanical than artistic and I was very happy with the outcome, using a combination of rusting and splotching techniques.


The Saw Blade Has been putting up a pretty good fight.  The problem is that I wanted to find a factory blade pattern that was more old school like the image.  The problem is most of the available blade patterns look like something out of alien and to further complicate things the scaling requires somewhere from a 5" to 6 1/2" blade which Limits the options. After working and resanding several blades trying to get a good color effect I ended up using the larger blade. I really struggled with the paint on this but finally called it acceptable, but if I find a better blade I might try it some more.





I will make the Metallica emblem from a sheet of thick copper that I've had for 25 years that has an acid etching on the other side of some Rock Climbing gear that was one of my many former passions.  The sheet is over 25 pounds and over 2 foot square.  I will also trim the case window with it and that's where the rub comes in. I need the actual case in my hands for exact measurements so I can maximize the sheet.  Ohh well I have plenty of work to do until I have a case in my hands.





This may be rather challenging to make as one piece because some of the letters have thin connectors.







All the renderings so far have shown a triple 120mm Nautilus Overkill grill which I admit looks very, very good!  The problem Is that MNPCTECH custom made me two - 200mm grills for what was going to be another case.  Plus like I said I have a thing for BIG FANS.  Anyway that would be way to easy!  Now those are big words because I'm not sure if I can do this until I actually get the case in my hands, But i'm pretty sure it will work.  For me one of the biggest rushes in Modding is the point of commitment when you take a power tool to a perfectly good case and start to make it conform to your vision. 




That's the 5" blade in the picture and it was just to small next to those big 200mm grills so I moved up to a 6 1/2" blade that has better proportions.



Now I don't know if I'll ever get used to this?  You take a perfectly beautiful object and modify it to fit what you are trying to do. I'm thinking to my self - don't mess up now.






Well mess up I did ! I thought I would have trouble masking off the paint and getting clean edges so I tried adding the gold accents with a paint pen. Well It came out splotchy and uneven as you can see in the picture.  I was reading an article from an experienced modder and he said one of the biggest challenges of modding was recovering from the unexpected things that come up during a build.  Well some things that happen are unexpected but most of the things I encounter are self inflicted.




Now most mistakes cause a lot of pain and this did! But some times we run into Happy surprise's on the way to our goal, and that's what happens here. I figured I could lightly wet sand the face and smooth it out.  1000 grit blew right through it in the blink of an eye because it didn't bond very well.





   Would someone just shoot me! I'm so tired of sanding.  :(  Well I guess I'll Have to sand it all off.  When I did, this beautiful shiny face appeared and it made a nice contrast with the other colors that I would be using.  So if it's shiny lets make it real shiny.  A painter friend turned me on to this aluminum polish and it is more than amazing.  I wet sanded 600 / 1000 and then polished and I like it.




When Aluminum looks like chrome it's an awesome thing. You need this stuff!





While wet sanding the face I found out that I messed it up worse than I thought because I had some chipping at the edge of the paint I wanted to keep.  I had ruffed it up and used the good primer but apparently I just didn't scuff it up enough.  Did I mention I hate sanding :P Dang.  Well before I repaint it I polished the bejesus out of it.  The polish is so fine that even micro fiber rags were putting minuet scratches in the finish so I didn't want to repolish it after painting.  I found some liquid masking called Frisket that Artists use for protecting areas they don't want to get other colors on.  You need this stuff!




One grill with the Frisket removed and one before removal.




This stuff just peals off once your paint is good and dry.  It's rubbery and funny when you peal it off.




I created a lot of extra work for my self but I was able to recover from my lack of experience.  My schooling in painting seems to be finding out what doesn't work and then correcting it after the fact. 


I won't bore you with Painting the fan blades but I didn't like the factory sticker and the center hub just felt like it was missing something.  So I figures I needed more saw blades to go along with the theme.







And you thought you were afraid to stick your finger in the fan before.  It also slices meat and cheese.  I am very happy with the outcome on the front grills and fans even though I took the hard way to get there.

A little more polishing and this is going to look great! 





Well I guess that will do it for now until I get the case. Thank you for your support and interest in our build.

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Beautiful concept design... Blows my mind \m/ !!! Someone should get the band a link to this...  Facebook anyone?


Love how the parts are coming together:


The custom saw-blade and ninja death star decoration looks really sweet and its amazing how the overkills dwarf it... This going to be a killer build!  Glad to see it starting!


Oh, and the two tone-polished look on the grills is crazy nice.  Turned out really great, and with the fans + saw-blade attachment for the middles, seems to me would make an especially good anti-cat device...  At least it would in my house... j/k  :P


Mod On!

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I will let Mike tell the story behind the build as he is the one building it but i will be posting over the next few days the various parts and concepts we went through before finding the build you see up the top.


We are still working on measurements and final ideas so things may change but for now i will post what is intended to be used within the build itself since its likly i will be redoing the render once i have more accurate measurements of the case.


Please bare in mind i only have a laptop at the moment and it is rather slow when it comes to rendering so i will only be posting 1 or 2 renders a day as it can get hot enough to fry an egg on it.


So posts will be slow but progress will be made daily.


First up is the Hardware Labs Black Ice SR-1 480mm Radiator with 4 X 120mm Fans in a nice Satin Black with Copper Trim.



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@ Avolla I won't take long to find out if they are running.
@ Mamoulian An Anti Cat Device :P  Yes all cat's have been eliminated from the premises! And my dog only goes near it when I'm slicing meat or cheese. 

@ ZoPHaR I would actually do that! It's sort of therapeutic In a sadistic sort of way.  Put on a good movie and your done. 

@ Bill - I am paying attention, I wish all paint went on as good as that primer does.  I do blame you though. I now have a $50.00 dollar a day SEM and Tape of the gods habit.  Still looking for epoxy of the gods but the only place Locally wanted me to buy a $300.00 multi pack, I'm thinking that's a little more than I need unless my modding pace picks up considerably.


Thanks All for the encouragement, It's nice to be around a group of people that don't look at you funny when you tell them what your doing.

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Not as fancy as my last one due to complexity my laptop cant handle the rendering with background on this but here is the Motherboard Graphics Cards and waterblock.


EK Supremacy waterblock

EK Block on the GTX680's

GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP7 Motherboard

Bitspower C47 push fitting for 10mm pipe copper plated

10mm Copper pipeing



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Epoxy of the gods, Thanks Bill ! one other thing? you said you could get cross hatch / Diamond plate.  Can you get me a picture of that? Most of the regular diamond plate is cheesy looking and I only want to go that way if I can find a classy looking sheet. Thanks for all the help. 

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Needs more pointy bits! :D Go get some studs for collars and shit!


-A friend was just telling me how some people install razor blades on the back and bottom of their car speaker boxes. I may just be in maim mode.

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heh at one point i had shell casings going round as a trim on the front but thought it may be a bit much.


Mike try a search for "propeller tread plate" as that is the actual style of the guitar pattern you may find that.

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No render today i am working on an idea for the main case and waterloop will update tomorrow with a picture hopefully of the full loop outside of the case with a description.


This loop will be subject to change though since i only have guestimates of the internal measurements of the 900D case and what can fit.

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This is One of my prize possessions! When I first looked at one of these I said I have to have one of those!   







So I have to ask my self the question, Why do I have a sanding block in my hand?  As modders we

want something unique.  These grills are incredible, there is nothing that you can buy that even compares. A company can only make so many different models or they just end up sitting on the shelf because not enough people are buying them, So they have to stay with the products that sell.  But still we strive for something different. I'm just foolish enough to think maybe I can make it special, make it custom to fit this build.  So I'm about to take the risk of messing up something that is already beautiful just as it is.





Now there is a reason that people Anodize things.  Anodizing is really durable and Also it doesn't sand off all that easy.  Now I could have used a power sander and some course sandpaper, But as it turns out it's lucky that I didn't.  Working by hand gives you more control and a pain in the neck but I have been on a lucky streak lately and that is what's about to happen here.




My original plan was to flat sand and polish this grill like I did to the 200 mm Grills.  As it happens I was fortunate that all the sand paper I had was very fine 400,600,1000 grit.  This took a lot of work but because of that it slowly revealed an unexpected pattern.  Now I almost wish I had stopped at the point where I was at the picture above, but that wasn't the plan and I really didn't appreciate how Interesting the pattern was becoming yet and I blew right past the point where I could have went with this look.  After much more sanding I really started to like what was happening and decided to see what I could do with that look.  I had to fight off a few sticky spots and went back to my new favorite Aluminum polish and I love the way It turned out or maybe I'm just hyperventilated from all the sanding, I'll let you be the judge. 



















The great thing about this is that there are endless possibilities with this technique.  This was not technically hard to do.  You just have to be bold enough to risk your pretty grill and be gentile.  The next time I do this ( and I will ) I will go very slowly knowing that something awesome will be revealed when I'm done.


Some of the possible variations would be to mask all the outer sections and paint the inside of the bars with the color of your choice, then flat sand and polish the top. You really don't even need to mask the top because you will sand the top anyway, and then you don't have to worry about perfect tape lines.  I'll show you a version of this from my first build. 




My painting could have been better back then but you get the Idea.  Be bold go get some Overkill grills and I'll bet you can come up with something even better than this.  If I had only know what was hiding under there I might have done things a little differently. 


Again me and Sam want to thank everyone for your support and enthusiasm about this build.  I can't say how great it is to be in a forum with such a group of talented modders.  

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Modding Miracle.... Is there a better term?  I think not.  You sir are blessed :)


It looks kind of like a black pearl inlay in your photos.  Gorgeous.

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