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[Grey Matter] Cooler Master HAF 912 Completed! 12/12/14 : Nominated for Mod of the Year!

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Hey guys! After the clarification on work-logs, I wanted to share mine with you guys. This is my second case-mod but it is the first time I've made a correct work-log from start to finish. My work is much more professional than my first build and I've learned quite a bit from trial and error. 
I'm going to plan on using  Rampage 4 Gene motherboard and one of new Ivy Bridge-E Chips, probably just the quad core to save a couple bucks. I plan on buying those items on the 15th of October. I'm also probably going to wait for Nvidia to bring out their 790GTX card for this build. As long as it is before the Cooler Master 2013 competition deadline. I might throw something in in the mean time if that's all this build is waiting on.


10/14/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912/page-3#entry17675

10/21/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912-updated-101413/page-4#entry18189

10/28/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912-updated-102113/page-6#entry18766

11/04/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912-updated-102813/page-8#entry19129

11/11/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912-updated-11042013-handmade-waterfall-reservoir-with-video/page-9#entry19553

11/25/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912-updated-11112013-acrylic-tubes-windows-reservoir-trim/page-11#entry20169

12/02/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912-updated-11252013-finished-reservoir-trim-blu-ray-enclosure/page-12#entry20404

12/09/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912-updated-12022013-vertical-gpu-final-cuts-motm-on-bt/page-13#entry20765

12/18/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912-updated-12022013-beginning-final-assembly/page-14#entry21128

01/04/2013: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/936-grey-matter-cooler-master-haf-912-updated-12182013-almost-finished/page-15#entry21683

01/11/2014: FINAL PHOTOS!!!!

Here are the components I have bought so far :

<>PC Components:
[x] Case : Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower
[x] PSU : EVGA SuperNOVA 750W GoldPlus
[x] CPU: Intel I-7 3930k 6-core 3.2Ghz (3.8Ghz Turbo) 2011 Socket 
[x] MoBo: Asus Rampage IV Gene
[x] RAM: 16Gb Gskill RipJaw Z series 1600 Mhz Cas #9
[x] GPU: EVGA 780 GTX Superclocked ACX Cooler
[x] SSD: Samsung 840 Pro Series 256Gb 
[x] Optical: LG Slim Blu-ray Burner
<>Water Cooling System
[x] EKWB 240mm XT Radiator
[x] 2x EKWB 120mm XT Radiators
[x] 10x EKWB 90 Fittings
[x] 2x Bitspower G1/4" Female / Female Pass-Through Fitting / Fill port
[x] 2x EKWB Monarch x2 RAM water block
[x] 2x EKWB Monarch RAM Modules
[x] Swiftech MCP-655 PWM Pump
[x] EKWB D5 X-Top White Acetal Pump Top
[x] 22x Primochill White Revolver Rigid Fittings
[x] 1/2" OD Rigid acrylic tubing
[x] EKWB 780Gtx Clear/Nickel Original-CSQ 
[x] EKWB Supremacy CPU block.
<>Key mods<>
[x] Custom acrylic paneling.
[x] Custom acrylic fan enclosure/radiator mount.
[x] Custom acrylic Blu-ray enclosure.
[x] Custom water cooling system.
[x] Custom acrylic rad covers.
[x] Handmade custom acrylic waterfall bay-style reservoir.
[x] Single sleeved power supply, by me.
[x] Vertical GPU mounted on mid-case shelf. 
[x] 100% hidden wire management. Only cables seen are those meant to be seen.

Feel free to gimme some insight! On with the pictures! Enjoy!


Goodies from MNPCTECH.com!

The first parts I picked up were the case and power supply. I figured I could spend the most time with them while waiting for money for other components.
Here they are laid out and I started removing some case panels.
After gutting the case, I'm left with my blank canvas!
I sanded and washed the plastics to get ready for primer.
The primer colors were close to the actual paint scheme.
Got the few plastic parts painted then set them aside to continue working the interior. I really like this grey/white scheme.
Here are the materials for the internal mods. Acrylic from TAP Plastics. I don't like the grey its daayumn near black so Ill be wrapping panels with a grey carbon fiber material I bought. I'm going to be using MicroRAX for the interior framework.
Here is a sneak peek at the sleeving, LutroOs Teleios sleeve. I recently picked up some light grey and I think Ill be using that instead of the dark grey.
Got to work cutting acrylic panels. I found that raw measurements and using a clamped fence with a skill saw help making panels perfectly straight and square.
I glued in some supports to make a raised bottom panel for a nice flat surface to start on.
Here I started adding the microRAX framework.
This is where I left off at the end of this past weekend, Hopefully I can get some work done this coming week and its a payday weekend coming up so I should be scooping up some more parts. I absolutely love the microRAX, it really adds a nice professional touch to the project. some screw holes will be socket head and some will be flat head and counter sunk, Ill do that later on.

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Here I wanted to show a close up of what the MicroRax look like and how they screw together.




Here I was test fitting the interior panels. It looks cool even looking like cardboard. Gonna be really dope when its all done.




These are the radiators ill be using. Two 120mm rads in series on their side for the front, and a 240m rad for the roof panel.




I added nylon standoffs for the front rad to make it fit tight against the metal panel.




Rads and PSU set in place for the bottom panel cut outs.




Fans hole for PSU and rad cut out.




Here is the laser cutter I was talking about, cutting my pieces.




Here is what I had cut out by the laser CNC.






I glued together the little pieces with acrylic cement to make my I/O panel and graphics card mounting block.






Then I got to work on the front panel. I dropped some grey carbon on the left back drop and a clear window for my pump chamber on the right back drop.






Then I set in place to take a look..I love how it turned out, its gonna look badass.




Here I got to work on the top panel.




I cut the hole with the jigsaw and a metal blade. Then I cleaned it up with the router and a file.




Set it in place to take a look.




Cut and set the rad and fan mount panel in place. 




I decided to make an enclosure for the fans with acrylic and modders mesh so I got to work on the supports and fan chamber frame.




I've been doing my gluing with TAP acrylic cement and a syringe they sent me. I need a hypodermic needle to get more accurate but Im making the one they gave me work for now.




Ive got the supports in place and welded in.




To make it nice around the edges I overlapped and flush cut the edges with the router. Once the box is complete the top, sides and vertical edges will have a 1/4" round over.




Fans fit nice a cozy in there. The mesh will fold up into a rectangle and fit in the inner rectangle around the fans. There will be a panel to cover around the edges of the inner rectangle as well.




I snapped a picture with the carbon laying there to get an idea of what it will look like when the enclosure is complete and wrapped in vinyl with a white mesh insert in the center..its gonna be slick lookin.


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I left off last update working on the radiator mounting fan enclosure. Here I taped on a template courtesy of MNPCTECH's website. They are available on there for free. I drilled the holes from the top side where I could center them in the enclosure.










I printed the template on label paper, which is awesome for any sort of template, even from your own autocad drawings. I lined up the template with the holes on the other side and cut it out.








Then I sealed up the top side of the enclosure and flush trimmed the edges off with the router. Then used a round over bit on the top and vertical edges. I used some left over acrylic sfecess for this because I planned on wrapping it with carbon fiber.







Here is where I started wrapping in carbon fiber, only to realize I could not make the rounded corners without it looking like garbage.



So I reverted back, sanded the acrylic and filled the holes with the bondo spot puddy air hole filler. It filled the little holes and cracks very nicely.






Primed it up and It looked like one solid piece. Then I hit it with the dark grey paint. I really like how it turned out.






I put the carbon fiber on the bottom of the panel that will be seen from the interior because I wanted to still use it somewhere on this piece.






It looks good sitting in place. I started working on the mesh fan cover for it. Measured it, cut it with the scroll saw, and bent it in the break.










I tested the placement and it fit well, so I hit it with white paint to follow my color scheme.






To finish off the top I sanded down the top panel powder coating, then primed and hit it with white paint.





When it was ready to put into place, I drilled out the top panel mounting screw holes in the top of the back panel and added the plastic inserts I got from McMaster Carr. They work amazingly and alleviates having to tap the acrylic. Just thread them to your screw and carefully tighten them into place.








I got a little bit of work done on the inside panel by notching out around the front panel rads. The first panel I cut with a scroll saw but then messed up the panel with misplaced screw holes. I remade them when I picked up an up-spiral straight cut router bit, which is amazing for straight cuts.It made it easier and looks cleaner. I burnt out the double flute straight carbide bit, that's when I switched to spiral. I try to use the router as much as I can because of the clean finish it leaves.













Here is a final pic of where I am sitting with the mods. I wish I set on the front panel and took a wider shot, but its really starting to take shape now. I am going to focus on the interior panels now getting ready for motherboard placement along with gpu placement. I'm stoked on setting up the GPU, its going to be pretty cool and unique. 


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Looks awesome. Started a HAF 912 build myself. Its my first so this is really giving me some good ideas/ motivation.


Nice choice! My first one was a HAF 932 and I wanna keep tradition and mod all the HAF cases lol..This 912 is definately a nice case, Its average size, and a basic shell, its perfect to let the imagination run wild on.

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Really great start, and I can already tell the end result is going to be epic. Really love all that you have done so far. Now this is what I call modding. 



Excellent start. Very nicely done so far


Thanks fellas, appreciate it!

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That's some clean work. :D Looking great.

Craftsman spiral bit: OUCH!  The same thing in a mill bit would have cost you under $5. :(

Thanks! Can I use a mill bit in a standard router? That spiral was 20$ and work amazingly, 1/8" acrylic floats through it and leaves a butter smooth edge. The other single flute was 15$ but I don't know how that will work yet. I was looking at solid carbide spirals from rockler.com for 40$ but I'm not sure if its worth it, in theory they should be amazing and never dull from acrylic.  My router table has been my favorite choice for working with acrylic, Im looking into building a larger table and getting a better router with a straight side base and a circular saw grip on it. I really really really need a 2' x 2' CNC machine lol Id probably trade my current PC for one.

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Nice clean layout. I too am a fan of the HAF series,the 912 is a good choice for heavy modding.

Thanks! I'm really diggin' it so far, It was pretty much a blank canvas which I like because its up to me to create the entire interior.



Very clean and interesting build so far.

Thanks man!

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Looking good man, the fab work you did on the 240 rad housing is really impressive.  You're doing some quality work with the router too.




Thanks! The router has definitely become my weapon of choice lately. I'm looking at getting a new hand held on for more intricate work.

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That is one awesome build man, I would like to do something like that with ether my CM storm enforcer or my 932, I just don't have the tools to do it. I see you live in my neighborhood. Good to see Cleveland represent, are you an east sider or west sider, just wondering

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Looking forward for the finished one.....its really a nice one i should say.... :)


Thanks! I cant wait either! so far all my ideas on paper are coming alive


That is one awesome build man, I would like to do something like that with ether my CM storm enforcer or my 932, I just don't have the tools to do it. I see you live in my neighborhood. Good to see Cleveland represent, are you an east sider or west sider, just wondering

Thanks neighbor! lol...yeah id like to stick with cooler master for now, i did a 932 build its in my sig..im gonna be tearing it apart tho to do a little parts harvesting to get this build going since im not having luck selling the 932.


I guess you can say im a westsider, i live over in broadview heights. technically its to the south lol

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